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My 14 month old dreads

By: ashley walker
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So I'm going through that phase. I know it will pass because it happens every few months. This phase where I'm kind of not wanting my dreads. I don't want to discourage anyone because I know that I love dreads and I love my dreads and will never get rid of them but I feel like writing about this phase just as reminder that yes sometimes you will get tired kind of thing. My dread's are getting heavy on my scalp and I really want someone to play with my hair. I just want the sensation of running fingers through my hair. I almost envy bald people because of how good their scalp might feel if they lotion it. Weird thoughts. I don't really know what to do with them. I took out one dread and it sucked. Id never want to do that again. Not only because of the labor and pain but because I'm attached, I've been through a lot of phases with my dreads why would I take them out when they're still maturing? I know that I can't take them out because of how important they feel because of how much they've changed me as a person. I don't want to say it was all because of my hair but they're definitely a big help to my spiritual evolvement. My dread's also feel like they're going through another shrinking phase, I want them to grow so much. No pressure though because I bet you anything in a few months or years I am going to write a blog post saying that I want my hair to be short and you all can call me out on it haha.

Here's a thought that I might put in a discussion: how often do you all wash your dreads? Like i know that the cleaner the better but then again I hear some people that barely wash at all. What's gross to you? Sometimes I won't wash my dreads for a month just because I'm lazy and it's a hassle to dry, i think i'll buy liquid shampoo just to make it more convenient.

melanie rose
01/05/13 08:54:22PM @melanie-rose:
This is a very comforting post. Thank-you. I have course hair and only about 10 to 15 dreads and counting, but I wash them once, sometimes twice a week. Dread on, you beautiful flower:)

01/03/13 09:15:09PM @totheankles:
Sometimes I also look in the mirror and wish my hair was back to being loose. Grass is always greener on the other side though, when my hair was undreaded it was a pain to maintain (ugh combing...). Whenever I am a conditioner away from picking out my dreads I just tell myself I'll wait a few more days and if I still feel like that I'll really comb them out. I never feel the same about it for more then a day or 2 so I still have them.And what is gross depends on the person. How oily your hair is, how much skin you lose off your scalp and if in daily life filthy stuff gets in it. There's this chick on youtube with dreads that said she never washes and her hair looks squeeky clean. My optimal wash frequency is twice a week, but I'm lazy like you and only wash once a week. It's not really gross, but my dreads do look a little less awesome and I get more loose hairs and the dreads just start tightening up making me look less royal and more bummish.And if you clean toilets for a living I think you'll either have to cover up very well to not get any of that crap in your hair, or wash it pretty much each day. If my hair accidently touches a stranger (rare, luckily) I'll immediately wash it when I get home.

01/03/13 12:12:02PM @mons:
I think we all go thru phases like that, even with undreaded hair. I'd get sick of my hair and cut it off, dye it, change it somehow. I've gone thru the same thing with my dreads too, I'm not there right now, but I've had moments when I've come close to just shaving my head.As for washing, I wash twice a week. My scalp won't let me go longer. Plus all my loose hair starts to get really greasy. Since starting my dreads this is the longest I've ever gone without washing on a regular basis. I can't really say what my limit on grossness is because I don't know anyone else with dreads. One of my kids goes a couple days without washing and he looks like a dirtbag. He has long very thin oily hair so it looks nasty pretty easily.

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