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Almost one year old: feelings

By: ashley walker
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This blog is brought to you by my phone. So if this fucks up that's why..Next month it will have been a year since I began dreading and it's sort of an anticipated day as if something magical will happen to my dreads. But anyways I'm still being patient on the growth I'm pretty sure that they're done shrinking. I have not time for maitnance in college, which is good and bad. I'm washing less frequently and separating less frequently so that can be a problem. It would be easier if I could use bar soap but I dont know what would be good to use. I have an all natural bar soap I use for my body but I don't know if that would be good for my hair. Maybe I'll post ingredients later. I get compliments all of the time here I've even gotten sang too. There's only one other person who has Caucasian hair with dreads on campus, hers look really new still, kinda cool maybe we will talk. Sometimes I feel a bit self conscious about my dreads even though everyone seems to like them, but I think it's just the fact I don't do much with em anymore. I'll never get rid of them but sometimes I wonder what it'd be like to shave my head. I think it's just a mental phase. I remember about four or five months in I was a little bummed about having dreads. But it passed. I can't wait for them to start getting long though I'm tired of this short hair. Well short for me. My hair is kind of thin in the back and I don't really like that what can I do? I guess that's just the way it is I dunno.
10/19/12 09:07:41AM @kelly3:

Don't neglect your separating routine. Once a week is enough for most people. But, if you don't separate you might regret it later. My locks were completely freeform, and I ended up cutting them because of that.

Nicki Herrick
10/19/12 08:52:48AM @nicki-herrick:
Try using dr bronners to wash your hair. I like the tea tree in the bar soap foam as opposed to the liquid form. Tea tree is anti fungal and helps keep certain critters away-which is great for me considering where I live. Also, the soap is all organic, vegan, and ecofriendly.

10/16/12 03:13:28PM @sharai:
I went threw that phase to. To shave my head. it faded.. Mine are very short too and my hair was really long. Weird isn't it. I'm sure bar soap would be fine. And faster. My thin hair is in the front for me. Good luck

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