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I've been a bad vegetarian

By: ashley walker
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I hate living with meat eaters for the most part I hate eating salad when going out to eat, I like actual food ya know? It seems like they always pick the steakhouses or Mexican restaraunts. I don't expect to change anyone's plans in choice of eaterys but it's just a bummer and I'd rather cook at home. Anyways so I was eating a cheese pizza containing no animal enzymes so I thought it was fine. But I bite in and see a little pink thing and it was ham. I was so mad it feels weird to think that I actually ate an animal. Like I feel like I ate a human or something unnatural. Then I go to this basically all meat restaraunt and I got a Caesar salad no cheese. But I excepted them to put the dressing on the side and they didn't now I feel so icky because Caesar dressings usually contain anchovies and my stomach hurts and I just feel weird. I'd never make myself puke but it's just an awful thought to eat meat now since its been so long. Some awful taboo shits going to happen to me or something.
Baba Fats
07/26/12 11:37:54AM @baba-fats:

Thank you Adam

07/26/12 11:35:13AM @kelly3:

Baba, I have to say, I agree with you completely. We share different views on meat consumption, but you seem to have a solid moral foundation. Good on you.

Baba Fats
07/26/12 11:21:36AM @baba-fats:

I married a women who eat's meat, and hang out with friends who eat meat because I am not a bigot. I am not intolerant. I do not judge a person's moral integrity on something as trivial as whether they eat animals or not.

I don't find that it isnecessaryto isolate myself from the outside world. I grew in a Jewish community. Orthodox Jews are all about isolating themselves. They live in small communities of just other orthodox Jews. They only marry other orthodox Jews. They don't like to intermingle with non jews.

This isn't right to me. Same with being a vegetarian. Why should I isolate myself from people who do eat meat? They are not bad people. Eating meat doesn't instantly make someone evil and not "worthy" of my attention. If you think that it does, then fine. Ignore everyone who eats it. Don't patronize venues that serve it. That doesn't effect me either way. But to say that I have illogical reasons for not eating meat and being friend and married to a meat eater just shows your ignorance towards right and wrong and your intolerance towards differences in society

07/26/12 11:00:02AM @totheankles:
Religions try to not only convert others (Why do you think most of North Africa is Muslim and most of the rest is Christian? Because they just loved the religion of the people that murdered, enslaved and systematically raped them?) they will kill or enforce their will upon those that refuse to accept their beliefs.My country has quite a number of Muslims (Europe). After 9/11, they held a parade because those Americans finally got what they deserved. We have Christian parties here attempting to shove laws down our throat aswell as provide financial aid to African dictators (through forcing the population to pay for it, of course). Lets not forget the previous milennium of murder, torture and genocide in the name of Christianity. Just because Buddhists or Sikhs don't go out and shove their beliefs down people's throats doesn't mean every religion does.Religion is based on lies, oppression and violence. Why should others feel bad about promoting something that is about ethics, freedom and peace?If you told me now or right after my first post why you don't eat meat it wouldn't matter, the point was that you tap-toe around the issue by initially introducing your reasons as vaguely "spiritual". So there's no incentive for you to post why anyway now and as such I am not pressuring you to explain your reasons.There's no reason (other then an illogical one) why you would not eat meat and then have no problem with your spouse and direct friends doing so (I explained why in the other post) unless we are talking about a personal health issue. You say you are not ashamed of your beliefs, but then turn a complete 180 and marry a woman and hang out with friends that do not share them and do the direct opposite. People who are proud and firm in their beliefs do not marry people that directly oppose their views.When trying to assess people's beliefs it's far better to look at what they do rather then what they say.When someone says they are against animal cruelty, and then does the exact opposite by supporting animal cruelty by eating meat it doesn't sound very convincing. At one point that person made the comparison between the satisfaction of preventing an animal going through the process of lifelong torture to end up on their plate and the satisfaction of having a nice juicy steak. When making that choice someone's ethics and beliefs become far more apparant then when they run their mouths. Animal cruelty just isn't very vogue.

Evelyn Maes
07/26/12 03:50:33AM @evelyn-maes:

I don't have kids and don't want them either, but if i would have one i would also let them choose. I would educate them where meat comes from at an age they can think about it and leave it up to them. I don't think forcing something up to your kids is a good thing, same thing with religion in my opinion.

Baba Fats
07/25/12 10:34:25PM @baba-fats:

I was making anover-generalization. Many kids do no have problems with what they should eat. But many do. It's can't be said that kids who are raised vegetarian and those who aren't are one way or the other. It's just that many kids have that issue. It's something I will feel out for myself when I have kids. If they like the weird veggies that stereotypical kids don't, I will put more of anemphasison the veggie part of their diet. I just don't want to force my kid to eat a certain way. Plus, I don't want them to get sick when they go to a friends house for dinner and eat a piece of meat.

Since my reasons for not eating meat are my own, and not about the morality of the fact that an animal died, I will let them make the choice themselves

Baba Fats
07/24/12 08:31:03PM @baba-fats:

"If you don't justify your actions to others they are either not important enough to you or you are ashamed of them and instead prefer to justify them to yourself instead".

This is demanding that I explain them.

Whether you intended it or not, telling me that I am ashamed of my reasons is, in turn, trying to force that explanation out of me. I am not ashamed. Like I said I will tell you or anyone if they were to ask me. No one else on this thread has asked me. But others in the vegetarian group have asked. And I willingly explained. And I received no harsh treatment like for my beliefs like this.

My beliefs are actually very simple and basic. They are not difficult to explain in the least bit. They do not, directly, deal with the moral or ethical treatment of animals, however, that is a huge part of it. They do not even deal directly with religious practices, however, That is also a large part of it.

My parents do respect me for my ideas. It is a matter of my mother being a typical jewish mother who is over bearing and wants to feed her son. She has OCD and has a hard time letting go of things. I respect that. It does get annoying, but she means well. She just wants to make sure that I get enough protein. She does her research and always makes sure there are veggie burgers at her house, if I am hungry. She may not understand my reasons, for herself, but she respects my choices. She doesn't look down on me for them. If you knew my parents, you would see that that is a form of respect for her. My father just doesn't care either way. He knows that I don't eat meat, and he doesn't push the subject either way. he does not look down on me, or force meat in my face when I come over. That is him.

I am not copping out by saying "because I am a vegetarian." I am merely not pushing a subject that does not need to be pushed. I do not refuse to meat because I agree with PETA. I do not agree with their tactics of social involvement. It is not my business if someone eats meat, just like it is not theirs if I do not. Your eating or not eating of meat does not affect me.

Should every Jew, Christian, or Muslim go around telling the world why they are that religion, and try to convert people just because they think they are right? No. So why should a vegetarian feel the need to explain themselves? Having convictions does not include missionary work. The best religious figures do not try and spread the word of god. They practice their religion for themselves. Same for a vegetarian. If you are doing it for yourself, you do not have to spread the word of vegetarianism.

Please do not speak about my wife's ethics if you do not know her. She has some different values than I do. But not ones that matter in a relationship. She cares just as much about animal cruelty as I do. There is only one little difference that lets her feel fine about eating meat. And that does not bother me. Do not go around trying to tell me and others that it should. I am not looking for a carbon copy of myself to marry. And no one should. You should look for someone who brings out the best in you. Her eating meat does not damage my ethics at all. Like I said, I was a cook. I worked with meat, it doesn't bother me. It does bother some people.

07/24/12 06:25:17PM @totheankles:
It is exactly when something is weird, that you are unable to explain it. Take a look at Baba. He immediately acts like I'm "DEMANDING!" an explanation. Quite frankly not reading his explanation saves me time because it's likely some spiritual floaty nonsense.Quite shocking how your parents didn't seem to care about your ethics. If I were to believe all them social psychologists, people often choose spouses based on experiences they had with their parents. Is it a coincidence that after having parents that didn't care about your values, you chose a spouse that doesn't either?My parents never tried to force me to eat meat. They even went to school to tell them to stick the drumsticks in their asses instead when the teachers forced me to eat meat there.When something is logical and ethical, you are able to explain it and answering "Because I'm a vegetarian" when someone asks you why you don't eat meat is like answering "Because I'm unemployed" when someone asks you why you don't have a job. When people complain just say "Sorry, I didn't know that was a rhetorical question".It's not about killing animals. It's about putting profit over ethics. Just like you don't stick a gun in someone's face and ask them for their wallet you don't lock an animal in a cage until it's ready to be killed assembly line style. Blowing a deers head off with a sniper rifle is far more humane.When ethics are not an important attribute in a spouse or friend, then what is? Money? A big rack?

Evelyn Maes
07/24/12 02:42:11PM @evelyn-maes:

I've looked it up and as i thought, the tiger kills his prey by biting in the neck so it dies. It doesn't eat the prey alive.

But, just as for closing this discussion for me, because people can discuss this like for ever. I don't think we should explain why we are not eating meat like it is something weird. For me it is just mostly a feeling and an awareness in stead of giving a whole list of why's :)

Evelyn Maes
07/24/12 02:37:01PM @evelyn-maes:

Ok could be, but in the wild these animals kill one pray, it will be eaten completely, nothing goes to waste while over here a lot ends up in the dumpster. They can live of it for a while and just eat what they need while over here it is also proven that people eat to much meat a day to be healthy. I don't think killing an animal can be completely without pain. Even if there are different ways to kill an animal, still a lot of them are suffering in the slaughter houses and that is the biggest problem, not the hunt. If you can hunt a prey and kill it and eat that ok, then do that, the prey had e chance and you did effort, same thing with these people living in the rain forest for example. If it would be like that, everybody eats only the animals they can hunt and catch i would be more ok with it. I have heard things that have been happened in slaughter houses that really sickened me. If i would imagine someone slitting my troth, don't think it must be a pleasant experience. Even if you look at those animals transport vans. I once saw one full of pigs and their faces where full of blood! We have the intellect to choose and see and be aware so i think in that way it would just be more normal (for me at least) to choose to stop killing other living beings.

I don't know of you guys also experience this, but always when i go out for dinner with like family or family of my boyfriend, it seems like people eating meat always want to start a discussion with me about eating meat. While i don't ever do that to them. And always they all come with the exact same arguments, in the beginning i didn't mind but now i just have something lik "please just let me eat".

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