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Ridiculous things my friends say...

user image 2012-07-10
By: Ashley Kent
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As a very brief form of mild entertainment, I thought I'd share some of the stupid things my friends have asked about dreads so far:

On a trip round Europe I recently went on with one of my friends, he'd forgotten to bring shampoo so I, being chivalrous and all, offered him my Dr. Bronner's solution. to which he hesitantly asked "but... what's it gonna do to my hair?" I replied with "............clean it?" XD

A few days ago another of my friends was chatting to me about dreads, trying to get a bit of knowledge about them. When I said it takes a few months for them to start looking like dreads he asked "REALLY!? So how much glue have you got in them now then??" ...genius!

And just today another friend naively quizzed me with "How much longer does your hair wanna take!?" ...I'm barely two months in

Sure there'll be pleeenty more!

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