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dreadlocks shampoo
ashley ford


Location: Tulsa, OK
Zipcode: 74110
Country: US


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new year 2009


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/15/10 08:40:49PM @soaring-eagle:
palm rollings a temporary "fix' thart does nothing really permenant the loops and lumps get squished byut come right back in a day or 2the loops and lumps dont need to be rolled awy anyway thats part of dreadingif your obessesive and agressive to the pint of making them weak you can cause some permenant effects but it takes wayyyyy more work then its worth especialy with the frictio9n damage it causes..its really not helpful in dreading at all..i never palm rolled never backcombed never waxed and mine locked up by doing nothing in 2 weeks flat..the more u do to dreads the weaker they becomeboiling gets the bulk put then u gotta try emulsification ..dawn dish soap works great but u gotta use alot.dissolve it or gunk out can hopefully get the remaining traces or some anyway i dont think anything can get 100% ..when u boil..dip 1 at a time squeeze with rubber gloves careful not to drup on him oh and leave it in the hot water a couple minutes to alow the wax to fully heat up

ashley ford
06/15/10 08:09:37PM @ashley-ford:
i have tried...that's my point. i tried all the methods i've seen on here for wax removal a long time ago. the palm rolling seems to help because its knotting the hair. the friends i've given dreads haven't used any wax yet had success with palm rolling the bumps and loops. my boyfriend's dreads,on the other hand, still have some wax in them, i believe. he used it for longer and more often. we tried blowdrying them and squeezing with paper towels with some luck..boiling seems like the best method though. just hope i don't burn him.thanks for the advice!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/15/10 01:44:39PM @soaring-eagle:
the fact that palm rolling works for u is proof theres wax in the core palm rolling cant do anything without wax to mold the hair into to bined it and scult itsimply boil water dip a dread in and squeeze from toot to9 tip you will see gfor yourself how mucyh wax oozes outit never comes out from washing unless u use a hell of alot of soap like dawn sdish soap that emulsiphies itno shampoo is strong enough even knottyboys wax remover says "not strong enough to remove wax from dreads"u absolutely do have wax in them if palm rolling workswhat would it hurt to try?

ashley ford
06/15/10 01:05:57PM @ashley-ford:
definitely wasn't him. he backcombed his himself. and i don't need to do any wax removal, my wax has been long gone for quite some time, they don't need saving. i love my dreads, they are soft and light and dry very quickly, all signs of no wax. i did a deep cleaning when i stopped using the wax and they've been doing great. i've also seen that you don't think palm rolling helps at all...i've gotta disagree with that, i can go without palm rolling for a while and my dreads get kinda loopy and bumpy. i palm roll them after a shower and the smooth right out and stay round. thanks for all the tips though... :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/12/10 09:27:30AM @soaring-eagle:
hmm i wonder if that was him then..lolbut ..the issues can be hiddendo the agressive wax removal and save your dreadsand tell anyone u ever meet whos gonna dread to not ever use that crapafter u do the wax removal u will love how much better they feel

06/11/10 06:49:39PM @melanie2:
Just sharing the love around : )

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/10 02:07:51PM @soaring-eagle:
he didnt use wax did he? i remember my best freind was hit on by a waxy dreaded dude that had just got fdreads in a salon she turended around to see who was hitting on her and cracked up laughingbut i never sawany there just 1 rastabut i only lived there a few months

Island Mamma
06/11/10 02:04:28PM @island-mamma:
Awesome locks, glad you found us :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/11/10 01:23:10PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sister why didnt i see 1 dread in tulsa (except my freind i was livin with) the whole time i was there woulda loved to meet yawell glad your here nownamaste

John Smith
11/02/11 07:13:52PM @john-smith:
Thank you so much! Gotta say I love the guitar picture!

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