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Patience, Grasshopper

user image 2014-07-12
By: Arkynstone GypsyFae
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Oh, the beautiful agony of waiting! I'm in that 'tween stage. Some have formed, some sections are still loose, starting and then loosening themselves at will. I've been so tempted to just take the sections that have yet to start knotting and use the TnR method to just have a more 'finished' look. I did put two in just to see, then wound up taking one back out because I felt I wasn't being true to my path if I started doing that to all of the still-loose sections. TnR dreads look really cool, I think, but I really want this to be a journey of letting my hair just be natural. If that means I have loose sections, then I have loose sections.

I keep reminding myself that while it feels like I've been on this journey for a while already (and it is a GOOD feeling), I have only really been at it for six and a half months. I have, at a minimum, six to twelve months before everything really gets to looking 'together'. Even then, I'm sure that my fine textured hair will still have stragglers. and if it still has loose sections beyond that point, so be it. I might have to back off of the separating a little and just let some of them be a little thicker dreads than I originally wanted and trust that nature knows best. :)

On the separation front, I know they say not to do much to your hair when its wet because it is weighed down and stretched by the water, but I've found that it's easier for me to do the bulk of my separating while in the shower. I bend forward and let my hair come forward, which allows me to see the sections. Then I just take my time and pull them apart as they appear, usually doing this step in warm to cool water, then finishing with a cold water final rinse. Seems to be working pretty well. :)

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