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♥ Henna

user image 2012-07-13
By: Ariel Loveless
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A month ago for the first time I dyed my hair with henna. I absolutely love it. The change + difference I felt and feel right now in my hair compared to using chemical dyes is astonishing, I almost never want to go back to using chemicals.. almost. I used Lush's Caca Rouge Henna [[ the most expensive hair dye I ever bought ] it smells so goooood and does wonders.

Today I used what was left of it on my hair. Now the first time I did this I used 4 squares of it, applied without a hair dye brush, I just meshed it all over my head with my hands wearing rubber gloves. I was worried there wouldn't be enough henna to saturate my head fully so I decided to use a hair dye brush this time to conserve and evenly apply the henna. Not only was it more efficient but to my surprise the two squares left was more than enough! Makes me wish I had used 2 squares to start with and a hair dye brush because then I'd still have some henna to use for another time. Oh well. (~.~)



Tied up in knots
07/14/12 02:35:48AM @tied-up-in-knots:

I forgot to say that I love the bright colour that you have going on! My hair just goes a deep red since my hair is already medium-dark brown naturally. I love it, don't get me wrong, but I am envious of the brighter colours. Only my greys go all vibrant like that!

Tied up in knots
07/14/12 02:31:49AM @tied-up-in-knots:

If you buy henna in bulk you will get it for much cheaper than buying it from lush. Just look for 100% Body Art Quality henna with a fine sift. Ebay is full of it. $20 was 4 applications for me pre dreads, post dreads it's more like 8. Whereas buying chemical dyes I was spending $14-$20 per application because of how long and thick my hair was.

Another bonus to buying bulk henna is that you don't need the big ass knife. Maybe you're not as clumsy as I am but I think that's a pretty big bonus right there.

Should be able to get 500g for $20 Canadian. And that's pure henna. Not Henna and other ingredients. Not that the ingredients in Lush bars are bad, it just means that you're actually getting less Henna for your dollar. Besides, you can easily add the other ingredients yourself. is a great site if you haven't been there. Tons of personal recipes for mixing henna.

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