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New lox

By Aria, 2012-10-08
So I just put dreads in my hair 33 days ago now. Did them mostly myself other than the hard to reach places on the back of my head. It took me a long time to fully commit because everyone around me was always saying 'are u sure ur ready to cut ur hair off when it's all over?' And 'ur hair is really gonna start to smell' and ' once u do it there's no going back'. I had all these fear inducing comments flying around my brain for almost a year. I wanted dreads but was scared. I was scared because I didn't know enough (anything) :p about dreads. Only what rumors fly around about them. I decided to do an online hunt myself for the truth about dreads. That's when I found out that dreads can be a lifestyle. A hobby. A big change. A project to love and care about and watch it grown and change. And that dreads are NOT at all what people generally think and say about them. After I felt that I understood the more realistic world of dreading and not the rumors and stereotypes. I just woke up one morning and sat on my couch and started twistig'n'ripping my hair into my new dreads. Never made an announcement to friends and family befor I started so they were all quite startled. In fact strangely enough I'd have to say that many people in my life after seeing my dreads for the first time had a look of deep concern as if I'd just made some terrible rash decision that I could never turn back from. As ecstatic as I am and have been since day one of my dreads, there are still people that are clearly convinced that I just haven't woken up to the harsh reality of my dreads. Must point out now that my mother is crazy in love with them as is my wonderful dad, sister,brother, and a few other close family members and co-workers :)
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