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April Parker2


Location: Louisiana
Zipcode: 71424
Country: US

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Dreading in the south

By: April Parker2
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I live in Louisiana, a very southern state (duh) with very southern people (painfully so sometimes) and in all my 28 years here I've only ever seen one other person with dreadlocks. I never gave it much thought , and never planned to have them myself, but now that I do I notice how greatly my home seems to lack diversity. Hair wise atleast. Almost every female has the same hair. Dark brown with blonde highlights or vice versa. Usually longish , and layered heavily. I've never been that type. Yes my hair is natural brunette however it's been modified for most of my life (bright red 4-life! I miss you :/ )Now that I have a different hairstyle from 97% of the population of the state, I feel eyes on me everywhere. Not that I'm not used to sticking out , hell I've been goth , emo , semi-hoochie, and currently kind of hippy-ish. I'm ok with the looks and questions and junk..people are curious by nature and I like to do things that make people wonder. I haven't been out much with my new style but simply posting a pic of my progress on Facebook incited a riot of questions "how do you wash it? You don't wash it! They're gonna be filthy and stink! Why would you do that? you had such beautiful hair!!!! "My thumbs almost bled after answering all the questions.I'm terrified to think what people will say when I bring up how bad I wish my son had dreads too or , god forbid , my daughter! Holy hairstyles would they lose their shit. In the end though, my BFF is totally supportive and asks me regularly to update her on my progress, my kids could give 2 shits about what my head looks like , and my boyfriend has learned to just let me do my thang when it comes to my appearance , as long as I stay a "sexyass thick woman".Don't worry hun, thick will forever be my calling. ;)And as for my hair, I think it's found it's calling. It's always been a tangly rats nest of loops and bumps and squiggles , I always hated brushing , and I could never ride in a convertible without eating hair or blinded my strays whipped around by the wind. Dreadlocks were in my future always , and I think running into the one other dreaded soul in Louisiana was the universes way of pointing me in the right direction.But man, did it take me a long time to get the message!
April Parker2
10/30/14 12:27:36AM @april-parker2:
I have no idea where I'd find a rainbow anything around here! I've always been one to hang with the oddballs being one myself, but since having children I guess I put all that on the back burner, or they just moved on as I'm always busy with diaper duty.I'll have to crawl back underground where the elves and fairies hide out around here. See who I can dig up.If all else fails..Facebook :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/29/14 02:13:28AM @soaring-eagle:

there are more n

if u get inti the bigger cities you'll find plenty

and u might find others hiding out deep in the woods

and the more u get outthe more will find you

look for local drum circles

look for local rainbow putlucks and picnicks (and ofcourse gatherings when 1 is near regionals etc)

findwhere the freaks get freaky or the cool kids hang iout (i dont mean the hs "pupular' jocks and preppies and cheerleadfer types i mean the real life experience oddballs that are really cool causethey are real not just think thier cool cause thier popular and mean to everyeone else

find the ppl thst break the roules live outside the box dont conform to thenorm..the ppl unafraid to be themselves

they are out there they just might not want to hang out with the weirdo clones u see all around you

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