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Ways to tie dreadlocks up????

user image 2009-11-09
By: Apollo
Posted in:
ive had my dreads for some time nowbut i really want to know some of the ways you tie up your dreadlocks???
06/08/14 12:33:52PM @sarah16:

I really loved her video tutorial, she will probably give you a few ideas. ^_^

Canada Christine Single
05/30/13 08:31:55PM @canada-christine-single:

I noticed that longer dreads are easier to tie up just with themselves, but when my dreads were short I would take a thick ribbon or like 2 inch strip of fabric and put it under all the dreads then tie the fabric in a tight bow on top of the ponytail. My dreads are too thick for actual ponytail holders, they snap as soon as I get them on.

04/25/13 11:08:12PM @melony:

I bought a pack of hair ties that are for "thick hair" and I keep it on my wrist all the time, when I want to quickly put my hair back I just pull it together and slip the hair tie over my hair, I don't band it over at all, and it holds really well. Or I will take one dread and wrap it around my pony tail and cross it back under by the root..... hope that makes sense!

01/07/13 12:25:05AM @mogli:

what i do is grab 2 dreads from the middle/back of my neck and wrap them around over top of the rest of my dreads and tie them together, it seems to work pretty well for me

Castaway J
11/12/12 01:40:23PM @castaway-j:

mines are still new, but this is the latest way i been doing things! :D

Baba Fats
08/04/12 04:52:31PM @baba-fats:

Jesus Freed My soul has a great video on how she ties hers up. I actually stole the style for my wedding. You just split your hair down the middle and twist them around themselves like you'd roll a piece of rope. Sorry, that's not very descriptive. the video does it more justice. There's a picture in my wedding album here that shows how it turned out on me too

08/04/12 04:38:49PM @knotlady:

im about to figure out how to do a tutorial for people with new dreads. i will take a shot at explaining it here tho. i take a dread near the top of my head and flip my hair upside down and wrap that dread around my other hair/dreads in a high ponytail. i also do a bun pretty much the same way and tuck the ends inside the bun!

02/06/11 07:31:22PM @elpea:
if you want them off your neck, you can sorta twist most of your dreads up against the back of your head, and secure them with a criss-cross of tied dreads from various opposite spots around your head. two dreads from behind each ear across the middle of the knotty bun, then one from the left side of the neck and right side of the front hairline, and then also the right side of the neck and left side of the hairline. i like this better than just pulling them out of my face because it lets my neck breathe.

Marlee Skye
12/05/10 09:50:36PM @marlee-skye:
haha, yupp what they said.. lol

12/23/09 10:42:07PM @justn:
word, a lotta times when i'd like to look presentable i'll grab two dreads, one from either side of my head kinda like matthew, and pulling them around all the other dreads just tie them in a knot behind my head. the knot sits on top of the other dreads on the back of my head, and i just pull all the top dreads back and tuck them under the tied ones with the rest of 'em. hope thats new bru!

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