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Misconceptions on why I have dreads

By Antony, 2010-02-19
(copied from my blog:
I understand that Dreadlocks are not the most accepted thing in society (except if your black and you got them done so they look too "perfect" and even), but a lot of people take it as a signal that someone is trying to be something they're not. Like today, on a website called formspring where you can be asked questions anonymously, I was told "Dreads are for black people only". I replied with something like "I'm not black, then how did I do it? O_O". Stupid, close-minded questions get dumb answers. Because that what stereotyping is, close-minded assumptions. Hmm, what do I also get. Oh yeah. I always get the stereotype that I'm trying to be Jamaican or Rastafarian. Seriously? Do I look or dress in any way that implies that? To be honest, I look like a Metalhead more than anything even though Metal isn't the only thing I listen to. But still, would you really see a guy who isn't black claim he's Jamaican? That would be the same as me claiming I'm French by wearing a beret or trying to be a Native American by getting tattoos of their deities. It makes no sense. And here's an even worse assumption. This phrase "Yo, you look like Lil Wayne." :| Umm... thank you? I don't even like him or his music. Actually, he's kind of annoying. Is Lil Wayne that popular that he represents the mainstream existence of dreads? Hopefully someone talented like Crystal Bowersox on American Idol ( ) become famous enough to overshadow Lil Wayne so that there aren't any misconceptions about Dreads in the modern day. As you can see, she's a normal person you would see everyday. It's just that she has Dreads and talent. Real, hardworking talent. Not inorganic propaganda created by MTV or a record company. Dreads are a natural thing, not an attempt to be someone else.It's for everybody of all genders, races, and religions.
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2009 changed my life

By Antony, 2009-12-29
I'm going to miss 2009 when the new year starts. So many great things happened in my life this year. I'll just start from the first events of the year...Ron Bronson, a short lived band I did vocals in, ended around the end of the school year. Not much to say about it since we didn't do much as a band. Hmm.. yeah LOLOk, now for the real blog post. In July, I left the United States for the first time. I went to Cancun, Mexico to attend my uncle's wedding. I'm not Mexican BTW. Just saying since I know someone will ask. It was really cool to be there. Me, my family, and a lot of relatives stayed at the Dreams Hotel for a week. It was a really chill environment. There's free room service, 2 pools, a beach. This vacation is also where I decided that I will most definitely get dreads. I saw some 10 - 12 year old blonde kid with dreads swimming in the pool. That just confirmed to me that you actually can get dreads wet. So, that made it seem less restrictive to me. I also rode a Four Wheeler ATV and almost flipped over, XD. That vacation made my summer.Hmm, what else. Oh no, Billy Mays and Michael Jackson :( ...and like 40 other famous people.I have to say, dreads changed my life. It taught me patience, individuality, and that people should judge only character. Now, I feel more like "myself" than ever. I feel like i finally found an identity.For the past few years, two of my old "friends" noticed that I started to become an individual. So, they thought it was wrong for me to do that. They decided to hack into my locker and put up posters in there, accused me of Satanism and witchcraft, and spread rumors and propaganda about me in school and via internet. It eventually led to my old main group of friends kicking me out because those 2 guys told them I was "mentally unstable" probably just because they think Dreads = crazy person and an outsider. Ironically, this is one of the best things to happen to me this year. A bunch of guys who discriminate individuals, stay away from me. And, now I spend more time with my real friends who know me for what kind of person I am, not how different I am compared to them.I can't wait for 2010. Happy New Year everybody :)
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