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dreadlocks shampoo
anthony richardson


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/07/11 04:17:34PM @soaring-eagle:

10/24/10 01:49:57PM @lincol:
more dread in america here n holland dread and lygalyze,

Matty Mac
10/18/10 05:48:34PM @ali-oop:
Hey, my hair texture is very similar to yours! What method have you used to get your dreads? Im leaning towards the twist and rip method!

Jhae Ray
10/12/10 10:43:19PM @jeff:
I added 2 photos to my 'gallery' for you to see the progression. BTW I forgot, my husband thinks my dreads are reminiscent of Angelina Jolie's hair in Gone in 60 Seconds (although much shorter), and he says if they stay looking like that then he doesn't mind them! : )

Jhae Ray
10/10/10 06:27:06PM @jeff:
My hair is pretty much dreaded now. Its doing the crazy zigzag thing, and lots of them are flat because I haven't done a thing except separate! I don't even take time to palmroll, it just takes way too long and hurts my arm. I wish they were longer, and I wear them back alot because I guess I'm self-conscious. : /

Johnnie Elizabeth
10/10/10 12:33:11AM @lupe-espinoza:
your hair sounds perfect for dreads. mine on the other hand is so soft that every time i wash it, a lot of the knots wash away too. the bs/acv is not working very well for me. i'm thinking its the hard water here in california. i can't use dr. bronners or any natural soaps for that matter because i just can't get it out of my hair. i've been experimenting with some organic shampoos. i just tried giovannis tea tree shampoo. my hair feels nice and clean but i'm still not seeing any knotting going on. i know it's early but i figured that 2 weeks without brushing i'd see something happening by now. i really want this natural method to work before i have to resort to t&r.what tea tree shampoo have you tried? i've been looking up reviews on organic shampoos online. i figure if people complain about a certain shampoo causing their hair to be dry and tangled then it would probably be perfect for dreads.

Jhae Ray
10/07/10 10:15:37AM @jeff:
Heya, sorry I haven't been around. Still trying to find a job, but I am a correspondant now for one of the local papers - hoping that will turn into more. I have 2 stories due next week, and I'm fairly happy. How are things with you?

Johnnie Elizabeth
10/05/10 12:57:43PM @lupe-espinoza:
how are the t&r dreads coming along vs. the natural hair? i'd love to see a picture if you have one. my hair is a mess right now and it's only been about 2 weeks. i cant seem to get it clean with the bs wash. i end up going back to a clarifying shampoo. what are using to wash your hair?i sometimes crave the neatness of manicured locks too:( how do you dye your hair? doesn't it make some of the knotting come undone?

Johnnie Elizabeth
09/30/10 07:23:45PM @lupe-espinoza:
oh and thanks for the compliment on the hat. i'm pretty proud of myself for being able to follow a pattern. i think i'm going to make a few solid colored one next. just for the hell of it:) it's kind of addicting.i'm not even a hat person. lol:)

Johnnie Elizabeth
09/30/10 07:16:01PM @lupe-espinoza:
my hubs and i have been married 22 years. right out of high school. i have three kids (21, 17, 15). they make me feel old sometimes. every time i find a grey hair i tell them they gave it to me:) but secretly i love my greys.i love your curls. i have wavy hair but more defined curls underneath. i think they be the ones to knot up first. i like that people dont have any idea that i'm going natural. it kind of slowly will show more and more over time. so i'm really jealous that you have a farm:)

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