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Dread update

By: Annina
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My dreads are nearly 2 months old and there have been many changes since my last blog post. My dreads have shrunk a lot. Seriously, it's ridiculous how short they are. :D My hair looks pretty funny when there are short dreads at the top of my head but the bottom layer of hair is still straight hair. My dreads get stuck to each other very easily so I have to separate them every day. It's boring but it needs to be done. The other thing that I dislike about having dreads is that they take a lot longer to dry after washing than straight hair. I knew this before I had dreads but now I understand that I can't wash my hair and just go to bed. But I still love my dreads. People realize already that I have dreads. When my dreads were a month old somebody at work asked if I have dreads and I said yes. It was cool. :D My boyfriend calls me a "hippie-head" :D He doesn't mind that I have dreads, he just likes joking. He used to have dreads too years ago.

I'll show you some of my craziest dreads:

Funny spiral at the end.

Loopy one.

Diego F.
03/25/13 07:05:40PM @diego-f:

loved your loopy dreads, they look great!

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