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Dread update

By Annina, 2013-03-25

My dreads are nearly 2 months old and there have been many changes since my last blog post. My dreads have shrunk a lot. Seriously, it's ridiculous how short they are. :D My hair looks pretty funny when there are short dreads at the top of my head but the bottom layer of hair is still straight hair. My dreads get stuck to each other very easily so I have to separate them every day. It's boring but it needs to be done. The other thing that I dislike about having dreads is that they take a lot longer to dry after washing than straight hair. I knew this before I had dreads but now I understand that I can't wash my hair and just go to bed. But I still love my dreads. People realize already that I have dreads. When my dreads were a month old somebody at work asked if I have dreads and I said yes. It was cool. :D My boyfriend calls me a "hippie-head" :D He doesn't mind that I have dreads, he just likes joking. He used to have dreads too years ago.

I'll show you some of my craziest dreads:

Funny spiral at the end.

Loopy one.

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1 week

By Annina, 2013-02-13

It's been a week since I started my dreadlock journey. I feel so happy right now. My hair is dreading really fast. I have a couple of sections that are dreaded at the ends but all the roots are still undreaded. There's something happening at the roots also, they are starting to twist.

Here's some examples of my sections that are dreading:

I'm just so amazed that my hair started dreading so fast. It was a couple of days that it started to tangle like crazy. I bought some wooden beads today for my baby dreads. :D

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I've started my natural dreadlock journey after all, though I had many doubts about it. Today is the 5th day of not brushing or combing my hair. So nearly a week, which isn't much though but it's an accomplishment for me. I have a couple parts of my hair that has formed tangles and even small loops but the rest of my hair is just staight. It's weird when the ends of some parts of my hair are tangled but rest of the hair is untangled. My hair gets tangled pretty easily, it has been a nightmare to brush my hair for my entire life. But I guess it's useful to have hair that tangles easily when growing natural dreads. It feels so liberating when I don't have to brush my hair anymore. I haven't had a single thought about brushing my hair and I hope that I never will.

I've now washed my hair every other day (like I always have) with an organic shampoo bar (from a Finnish brand). I think I'll start washing it less frequently, like 2-3 times a week. I've thought also about switching my shampoo into baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinses.

It's been such a short time so I'm not making an official timeline yet, though I take photos of my hair nearly everyday. :D But it's just for myself, I just love recording every minor thing that happens in my hair. Here are some bad quality photos of the very beginning of my dreadlock journey:

This was taken on the 3rd day of not brushing my hair. I don't have bald spots though it might seem like it. :D The photo was taken with flash and my hair is pretty thin.

The second photo was taken yesterday when it was the 4th day of not brushing my hair. Not much to see, you can see the length of my hair though,

Here's a loop, though it disappeared after I washed my hair so I don't think it really counts. :D

So yeah, I think this is a good start, now I'll just keep waiting for more progress. I'm feeling so happy that I decided to start the natural journey and I hope I'll get some awesome dreads in the future. :)

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