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Chlorine and salt water

By anna b, 2012-02-07

ive heard loads that salt water is super good for dreads and helps them lock faster but what about chlorine? does it make them lock, untangle or nothing? im guessing normal water does nothing. and just while we're talking about locking, does palm rolling actually do something or just temporarily push down fuzzy hairs?

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yo peeps

just joined this web :)) love the useful info here!!! i want dreads sooooo much - i theyre beautiful and would reflect my personality and make me feel good about my image and stuff, plus i hate brushing my hair (lol dont we all)!! buuuuuuuut since still live with parents they wont let me get them!! i have done so much research on them, showed a presentation/essay with all their evil stereotypes about dreads proved wrong, but they wont let me. theyre not talking about them being dirty or anything anymore since i told them about it, but now theyre saying that no one famous or successul white person has dreadlocks, or they all look stupid, or theyre ugly, or only hippies/homeless ppl have them, etc. i know this is wrong, but these are kinda opinion things, ya know? u cant convince someone to think diff about that kind of stuff. even worse, my mum agreed to make me ONE DREAD and then immediately take it out, but she made it super super loose and fuzzy so know she's convinced thats what all dreads look like in the months before they mature, when basically she just twisted my hair then rubbed it!!! srry to blab on so much but just wanna know, any more tips on convincing parents??? i feel like ive tried everything, but everyone is like def NONONONONO. plz help!!!!!

PS planning on doingtwist n ripdreads, not neglect!! would love to do natural but they take a long time and dont look presentable for ages, and not brushing my hair would NOT go down very well!!

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