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What am I, cursed?

By: angela englund
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So the other day (Sunday? Monday? Tuesday?) I hit my hair up with some baking soda and did a salt rinse. When my hair dried it was all feathery looking, really trippy.But anyway, later on that night, a friend (C) and a housemate (T) said "Hey, let's dread your hair!" and I was like, YAY, finally someone to help me! ^-^ Twist n rip party, yay!So they both got started and the hair was really cooperating. Knotty knotty hair. They only got a few dreads in (in the front) before they got distracted by booze and pot >.< And then they came down from that a bit, and C said he'd do my hair whilst watching Sin City but that didn't happen. The lights went out for the movie and he fell asleep. >.>I managed to get one or two in myself that night with my arms complaining the whole time. The next day I got a couple more, but spent most of my energy that day cleaning house house (read:scrubbing gray things until they were white again).Then I spent the next day being very depressed (I have issues) and slept a lot.Then the next day I was fighting my way out of the depression but got a couple more puny dreads in and tried to combine two because my starters were really scrawny. At least the ones that my friends did. The ones I did were fluffier so fatter.I just got out of the shower with another round of hair stuffs done. When its dry, I'll see about doing some more. I think my 2 scrawny ones I tried to join are still together ^-^I don't mind the partial dreadiness since I I almost always wear a headband to keep hair/flyaways out of my damn eyes so its not a big deal, but I am peeved that my friends started helping me out and then just got drunk and stoned. Grr.I'm wondering if I should try to put in some sort of beads now, or anything else.So yeah, that's whats up with my hair.

shaun saunders
08/22/09 06:01:36AM @shaun-saunders:
(base of fingers that palm bit)

shaun saunders
08/22/09 06:00:29AM @shaun-saunders:
an easy arse way to get ur hair to get sectioned itself and started is wash your hair with just soap no conditioners this will take oils out of your hair very clean and good for dreadlocking after your shower shake your hair out and dry with a towel until 85% minimum dry then get another (DRY) towel and just go crazy on your hair rub as hard as you can all over youll start gettin a mass afro and then with the part just below your finger use the towl and with the towel on the hair spin it clockwise (the way normal hair grows) and it should start ur stoned/pissed friends can help you finish the rest :) any input from anyone else?????

shaun saunders
08/22/09 05:57:22AM @shaun-saunders:
YEWWWW POT AND BOOZEbeers, blunts, bitchesWeed, wine, women

angela englund
08/22/09 01:18:51AM @angela-englund:
Yeah, I'm not too worked up about my friends flaking out. My life is full of flaky people so I just come to expect it lolSo yeah, a little here, a little there, no biggie :)I've washed twice this week because its been so hot here and I've been sweating so damn much.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/22/09 01:15:23AM @soaring-eagle:
u need better freindsorto let the dreads happen on theyre ownthe good newsyour doin fine..throw in some beads keep on washin when u fedel the need (try to gettowards a week but if 3 days ids your limmit thats fine)wear a wool tam insread of the bandsif u canif you want ..twist n rip while bored by the time ya get in 1/2 the other 1/2 might be dreadin natyuraly so u wont hafta do a thing

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