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Hey hey UK dreaders :)

Emily Storey
08/03/13 04:12:29AM

This is quite a quiet group so thought I'd muscle in and get chatting!

I'm Emily, I'm from Preston but study/live in London and surprisingly I don't know anyone with dreads! One of my friends is a dreadhead-to-be so that's all rather exciting...

I've been dreading technically since 26th May, when I started my first three dreads but I didn't actually do my whole head until the 16th July. I'm absolutely loving them, so glad I decided to finally take the plunge!

I saw that a few years ago someone suggested having a UK dread get together since the US is just a liiiiittle bit far for some of us. I totally be game for that! Alternatively, can anyone suggest festivals etc where I might meet like minded people or want to get chatting on here?? I'd love to talk :D

Happy dreading, peace guys x

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