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Feel stupid for almost being stupid...

By: Andelynn
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LOL! My hair is pretty short - about chin length and so the dreads of course are not long enough to pull back. So far I've been using a lot of tams and that usually does fine, but there are times where I would rather not hide my hair under a hat - but I still have the dilemma of what to do to keep the dread out of my eyes.I have been wanting to get a wrap or a sleeve and I love decoration s like beads so I periodically google dread accessories to see what is out there. Knottyboy has some really cute wraps and I almost bought 2. But I've spent a lot of money lately and I really shouldn't spend it, but I really want them... you know how that goes. I tend to be pretty bad with my money because I'm can be a very instant-gratification kind of gal, you know?But you all should be proud of me, I refrained. I did not buy the wraps - even though they were awfully cute with different stripey colors and stuff. First, I didn't like the big knottyboy logo emblazoned on them, and second I logically concluded that my hair was still too short to wear the wrap with any kind of success. But that didn't solve my problem of dreads in my eyes.I have seen many times on this website that people have suggested cutting the sleeves off of old t-shirts and using that. So though I loathed to cut up one of my shirts, I figured I had at least one old one that I never wore that I could part with and proceeded to cut off one of the sleeves. Then I put it on and it was waaay too tight. Well great. I ruined a shirt for nothing. But what would happen if I cut off the bottom of the shirt?So I cut off the bottom of the shirt and instantly made myself a very comfortable wrap-like thing that I was able to loop around my head (and dreads) 2x! It is so cute! I love it!!! And it is in a color that I love because it's one of MY old t-shirts!So lesson learned. Before you go spending money on something, give a home-remedy a try. You never know, you might just find yourself feeling stupid for almost BEING stupid!A :)
10/25/10 05:11:14PM @andelynn:
Yea, SE, I did that too - thought my nose was going to be pushed right into my face! lol! You are right, once I got it on, it wasn't too bad. I kept the sleeve in case I want to use it, but for now I like the piece I cut off the bottom better.Thanx for the input! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/25/10 04:19:22PM @soaring-eagle:
i have a big head and the sleeves are tight when u put em on but then fit perfectly and stretch just enough to fit snuggle but not too tighti pull em over all the way to round my neck(thats not too comfy..lool) then oull my dreads outr of it so its just round my neck thenwith the seam (the paty that would be under your arm and shorter then the top) at the back take the part your arm came out (thinner hole) and pull up over your face and dreads pulling back till the shoulder openings right at the hairlineit fits snig enoughto not move but without squeezing altho getting it on is a squeeze like shoving your head through a straw..lolbut once its on its comfy

10/25/10 03:38:59PM @andelynn:
I hope it works for you! Let me know! :)

10/25/10 01:26:55PM @heather:
i love this idea! i tried the sleeve thing too and i thought it wasn't fitting me because i had a big head. lol! glad it's not just me. i'm off to find a shirt to cut the bottom off of:)

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