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Day 1 - what the heck am I doing???

user image 2010-08-08
By: Andelynn
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Ok, well I've decided to kind of give the natural dreads a go and see what happens. I'm still nervous about my internship in a year so I may not keep em. But I figure, I will go ahead and see if my hair will even dread. So right now, I just got out of the shower, I used Dr. B's peppermint (love it!) liquid soap. When I first got out of the shower, I was wondering about the way my hair felt. Almost a sticky, greasey feeling - but not really... I thought perhaps that it was because I've never washed my hair with a soap that leaves no residue and because for the first time since I can remember - I didn't use conditioner. Needless to say - I thought that I would be in trouble if I tried running a comb through it. My hair is silky straight, fine but thick so this is a true experiment.Anyway, as my hair is drying now, it is feeling less strange and more normal but I still wouldn't want to try running a comb through it! I hopped on DF to see about asking around and I should have realized I wouldn't need to. Of course there it was, someone had asked basically the same question and there were two pages worth of replies! HA! I completely forgot about rinsing with cold water!!! Oh well, next time, I suppose.If things move along as they are supposed to, I guess I will have to invest in some baking soda and av. I am a little overwhelmed at the moment with all the information on this site - I like to keep things simple. But I'm just beginning so I suspect that it will all become very clear to me as I progress.Done for now, I really need to finish my research paper and hand the bugga in. While I do that, my hair will be drying naturally (as I like to do) and we shall see how the knots begin to form. I wonder what my hubby will think of this.... lol!!!A
08/08/10 04:47:42PM @andelynn:
A final comment - It has been a few hours since I last posted and my hair is dry now. I am surprised by how many waves and curles my hair has! I never knew!!! Is it that the shampoos and conditioners I used were weighing my hair down?? Interesting....

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