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Analia Rasta


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By: Analia Rasta
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ok, my dreads are 6 months! ..and honestly, I have too much dandruff in my scalp, it's not itchy but it's annoying, it looks nasty. I have flakes in my roots, which are hard, and I don't know how to get rid of them. I'm starting to get really aggravated because I don't want people thinking my dreads are dirty. I'm trying to keep up with them and I can't. I have Neutrogena T/gel but I don't use it because I heard it's not good for them ...what's a good way for me to get rid of the flakes? specially the one's in the roots ..they're like inside the roots and I don't know how to get them out .... it's getting out of control ..I want clean dreads. tell me what to buy, what to use ....can I get the dandruff out with simple white vinegar?

Danielle Hache
10/23/12 11:05:08AM @danielle-hache:

i too did struggle with dandruff but found a solution ..i use bs wash with 3 drops peppermint, 3 drops tea tree oil and 3 drops others said i rinse very well...sometimes before i leave my house i have a spray bottle with water and 2 drops rosemary i spray that...rosemary helps get rid of dandruff ....good luck hope that helps..oh ya and also washing every 2 days helps ...

Allan Welch
10/23/12 04:39:40AM @allan-welch:

i struggle with the same thing. try the teatree and rosemary bar soap from as far as washing goes, i'm now washing mine every 2 days. (rinse realllly well and for a long time to make sure you get all the soap out etc, and after washing squeeze as much water out of your dreads as you can to speed up the drying process.) When you wash with the bar you first rinse your hair with water so your hair and scalp is nice and wet and then what i do now is stand inthe shower next to the water which is still running and wet the bar welland then work it into your scalp androots really well and rubit in also with your fingers after you've applied lots of the bar to that area. you wanna make sure you are getting lots of water on the bar as you shampoo cos the water iswhatmakes it lather (i seriously wet the bar then apply to the one spot and then wet it again etc etc etc etc etc).it will take a bit of timebut work oneach area as thorough as possible unti the entire scalp and roots and lathered uplike crazy. then once you've done that,you let that sit foras long as possible. istand in the shower and let thehot running water go onto my stomach and legs etc. it feelsreally nice and i can stay like that for ages and just zone out :) while i do that i also just with my finger tips work in thelather even more all over my scalp to make sure i haven't missed any bits and just to work itin even better.then after about 20 minutes irinse it out reallll;y well for like 15 minutes. and then i get out of the shower andmy scalp/dreads/roots look amazingand clean :)try that and hopefully it works :):)

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