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Analia Rasta


Location: Elizabeth, NJ
Zipcode: 07201
Country: US


Blogs: 4



By Analia Rasta, 2012-10-20

ok, my dreads are 6 months! ..and honestly, I have too much dandruff in my scalp, it's not itchy but it's annoying, it looks nasty. I have flakes in my roots, which are hard, and I don't know how to get rid of them. I'm starting to get really aggravated because I don't want people thinking my dreads are dirty. I'm trying to keep up with them and I can't. I have Neutrogena T/gel but I don't use it because I heard it's not good for them ...what's a good way for me to get rid of the flakes? specially the one's in the roots ..they're like inside the roots and I don't know how to get them out .... it's getting out of control ..I want clean dreads. tell me what to buy, what to use ....can I get the dandruff out with simple white vinegar?

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Can I wash my dreads with this?

By Analia Rasta, 2012-09-02

I went everywhere looking for Dr.Bronner's and couldn't find it! This is the only thing I found that has some of the ingredients that bronners has. Can I wash my dreads with this? They're 5 months! It says "organic" also says remove residue with a warm towel does that work?

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How do dreads work?

By Analia Rasta, 2012-08-25

Do they knot from top to bottom or vice versa? for example dreads are 4 months, they'll be 5 months next week! A few of my dreads are getting really knotty in the roots but it's not like spreading down ..the knots aren't spreading down to the bottom. is there a problem? or are they gonna spread eventually? ..Like if I touch the roots, it's super duper hard (that's what she said) ...but then you go down and it's just

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When do dreads start getting knotted?

By Analia Rasta, 2012-07-28

My dreads will make 4 months next week. I used the backcomb method, and twist and rip as well. I dont do much to them, just .. let them grow. I didn't use wax or anything, all natural. I wash them twice a week with Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo. I have rubberbands in the roots and the ends. I noticed .. that the ends are getting knotted and the roots as well but not the middle, I still have straight hair. How long will it take? and is there something wrong? also ...if I backcomb the middle, it gets knotted but the next day is straight hair again ... am I not being paitent? .. is it normal for them to be like that? Howcome the knots in the middle are going away? Please, give me an answer. I'm freaking out! (notice how in the picture the ends are knotted but the middle is just straight hair)

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