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Thinking of combin dreads out

By Ana, 2012-12-22

Hey everyone.

I love love love my dreads even if they look like shit right now (messy, frizzy). I know that I will really miss them if I comb them out. But the thing is,my family is making me fell so bad about having them that I just can't take it no more. I listend to them about my hair for 10 months, every day. My brother is the worst. He's really mean to me about my dreads and I don't think he understands how that affects me. like, tooday he said: You're so ugly, look how knotted your hair is, why don't you comb it out... I don't know what to do anymore. I think that maybe this isn't the right time for me to have dreads and i can always have them back. But Iove them so much. Although, maybe I need a change. But I'm so attached to them it hurts. I don't know what to do ...

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