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01/04/10 10:56:00PM
Hey Ya'll, do any of you dreadies out there write poetry or just enjoy it? This is a place to share your words or some poetry you enjoy. I'll start by adding one of the poems I wrote after a short period in my life filled with some fairly stupid decisions... Here goes.Mistakes are made but why dwell on the past?If you do you'll fade, doomed not to last.You believe your soul is so tainted, your heart has grown weary.I catch you searching for another, your burden they'll carry.Tried and true you step outta line, mocking us all by pretending your fine.No ones fine, we're all just livin.Doin the best we can with the hand we've been givin.Theres no first or last so set your own pace.Quit being so hard on yourself, lifes not a race.Our choices change due to what we've been through.So look to yourself and acknowledge that you grew.This journey we've been given, its a painting you see.The pigment on canvas, is our history.A misshaped brush stroke or unintended streak,In the hands of true genius makes the masterpiece unique.Like a true artist, work with whats been created,be the person you are, accept what cannot be negated.Whether intentional or not the lines have been drawn,you can do the best with what you are, every day a new dawn.Hope you enjoyed it! Can't wait to hear from you all!
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