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Is there any hope??

user image 2013-07-28
By: Amber5
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Hey guys.. So basically I got my dreads done by crochet and backcombing about a month ago.. I now completely regret this after reading through this site.:(( I won't carry on using the hook but I'm just wondering if they will eventually calm down. At the moment they're looking pretty puffy and really unnatural.. Is there anything I can do to help ? I've read a lot about just leaving naturally formed dreads to do their thing but as far as I've seen crochet dreads are pretty hopeless... Please tell me I'm wrong !
Chelsea Klubi
08/11/13 07:39:31PM @chelsea-klubi:

PLEASE DONT GIVE UP!!!! I used the backcomb/crochet method. mine are over a year old and i LOVE them to bits. You have to understand that dreads are a long journey and they need time to lock up. don't give up, mine took about 4-5 months to lock up really tight. Just because you used that method doesn't mean you have to continue crocheting either, I crocheted once when I made my dreads then never touched them again.

the Barrellady
07/30/13 01:01:17AM @the-barrellady:

YOU ARE's that, good new huh? Lucky for you that you learned before repeated use of the hook, so you will be just fine in worries....peace

Baba Fats
07/28/13 08:14:18PM @baba-fats:

Crocheted locks aren't hopeless, so long as you didn't do it over and over again, for a long period. If you leave them alone, they will eventually start to heal. It takes about 6 months for just 1 session.

They will begin to look really frizzy for a while. That's normal. It's your broken hairs popping out and retangling.

To help speed up the process, just get some jojoba oil or olive oil. Then massage it into your locks and wash it out well

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