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Amber 'Blob' Orpin


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The early years

user image 2012-10-01
By: Amber 'Blob' Orpin
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Alljourneys have to start somewhere.

I can't precisely remember when the idea of having dreds came about, it feels like the idea has always been there floating around for as long as i can remember. Most friday eveings you could find me Plait ting (braiding) my hair for the weekend ready for what ever it had in store. The first time someone with dreadlocks hit my radar was 1999 (making me roughly 10) in the from of Faye Tozer Not the best picture i know. I remember seeing her hair and insatley wanted to know more about dreds. All of a sudden there was a way to have platied hair all the time, and it was beautifull. I always felt a sort of freedom when i had my hair in platis. It's hard to discribe really. Something about it just made me feel complete, free, more myself.

Next up on the dred-sparation was Christina Aguilera and her 2nd album Stripped The days of 'Beautiful' and 'Dirty' brought dreds back in to my life and there they took a firm hold and i promised my self one day i would have them.

I put the idea of dreds on the back burner of a long time while i was at sixth form then collage, i was taking the idea of becoming a actor very serioulsy so i held off getting the piercings and tattoos i wanted and kept my hair simple to accomodate any roles that might come my way. After collage i went to uni down Devon way and while there re-kindled my love affair with dreds.

To be continued. . .

Safe journey till next time

Blob xXx

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