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1 year story an such stuff

user image 2012-06-04
By: amanda young
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Well as of June 3 it will be a year since i started my dreads...the day i started was the day we headed west..My bf, child, father, friend , two dogs and I took our 1965 dodge travco across the U.S..My father drove the kid an me in my bf car, and my bf drove the RV..It was a long journey with having troubles along the way... an it was super hott out, .i decided the day i left my home town for the first time to move, i was gonna start a new chapter of my life...I never have traveled so much in my life...I just threw away my brush an stated new...Much didn't happen at 1st, but within a month when I was in Salt Lake City Utah at my mothers, my hair slowly started to dread one, two...we stayed there for a bout 3 weeks before we decided to move to Eugene Oregon, the girl that was with us was dreading her hair too, but she had straight hair an it wasn't locking up, we met some people who took us in, an in the beging all was good, he had dreads too..they were one year old, he used a crochet needle for his, an he did my friends the same way,, they looked good on here, his dreads kept falling out...too much crocheting I think...before she left for for her home town, she cut all the loose hairs off of each dread an waxed them..oooo harsh on the hair... i would say...i hope she has good luck with each month went by my hair was shrinking an loosing an shrinking...mide june was my 1st dread started, an in august i hadprobably had half of my hair, by october all my hair was dreaded, messy messy,, i never used any sort of things on them, just let em go anseparatethemevery couple days....i did wear my hair up for a while which i read is bad...I am very proud of my hair, as all should be no matter how they look everyones has different hair an types so it may take longer or shorter than other, don't give up it will do it's thing....your hair should, suit your unique way of life...if we all had the same hair how boring would that be......Well we had to leave the Eugene in our review mirrors to help his mom move..We took our uhaul an drove the 3,300 some odd miles we left Eugene , went thru California which took 2 went over an headed to route 66, thru, Arizona,New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma,Arkansas, Tennessee, Georgia, an down to Flordia, whew it was a 6 day drive but, it was a good trip...We moved from Floridia to North Carolina, like 2 months later, an it is awesome here..We had done all this within a year..Travling so much whew, an in august are heading to visti friends in New York, I have had a very unique dread journey. just letting em be theirselves an being matter what your doing in life don't let people tell you that dreads are dirty, an your dirty, don't let em bring you down cuz you wanna live your way of life, I just think people are jealous an know no better then to judge you by your hair, I have had a job with my hair, so have many professionals, its not the hair that makes people think bad it's the bad information they hear from people with shallow minds who don't know anything, the more i can put into peples heads that our hair is neat an not dirty the more i can open them up, maybe they will be not so quick to judge us all...Thank you for all those who believe in what you do an are not scared to shrug off what people think,,, Inform them....peace+love+music+dance=Happiness.. Feel free to leave whateve comment you want i take nothing bad, just as your thoughts....

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