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user image 2012-04-15
By: amanda young
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Going to Grandfather Mountain with all the fam...there is a natual wildlife zoo there wer gonna check out the swining bridge too, gona be an awesome time....

amanda young
04/15/12 10:39:34PM @amanda-young:

yep so agree

amanda young
04/15/12 07:42:34PM @amanda-young:

its near linville nc, off of blue righe park way, it was way awesome gona post a couple picks beautiful next time we go, gonna hike a few trails...oh an i forgot to put a bog subject so i guess it [ut the whole thing haha

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/15/12 01:43:16PM @soaring-eagle:


(but u should use a shorter title not theentire blog post as title)

where is that exCtly sounds like a very cool place to visit

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