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Amanda Vick


Location: Austin Texas
Country: UM


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Keeping Austin weird.

By Amanda Vick, 2012-12-15
I have thought about dreading my hair since middle school doing research and changing my mind often because of how much maintenance I thought it would be.. Until I found this site. I still wanted to wait because I was engaged when I finally decided I was gonna do it but I wanted to have undready hair for wedding photos. My hair was last brushed by my maid of honor the day after my wedding. I know I was meant to wait to dread for this day and time.It's been about 8 months now and my hairs are looking great:) I have one thats amazingly mature. Most have blunted themselves and I love the super skinny ones that are still whispy like paint brushes.I live in Austin Texas and it feels great to start my journey here. It's very excepted and a lot of people are sporting them:) the only thing that's weird about it is I've only seen one other person that seems to be natural! Also it did feel funny in the beginning when people with dreads didn't understand my method choice and treated me like a kid because they knew more about dreads and how to "make" them. I know they were just trying to help.So the other day I had a very good friend of mine at a party that I was co-hosting drunkenly tell me how I was too pretty for gross hair and how ugly I wil be when I have to shave my head. It hurt my feelings I tried to share my knowledge but it was like talking to a brick wall. Everything was apologized for the next day but it still sucks. I pretty much am venting because I feel like I live in one of the most accepting city I've ever seen and still get shit for being different.Thanks for listening:)I've been lurking the site for over a year now.. Feels good to finnaly be a part of it.Thank you all and I love y'all:)Amanda L. Vick
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