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amanda lee wells


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hopin i can keep my lovely locks

By: amanda lee wells
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heeyyaa fellow dreadheads

from my choices in life i'm waiting to go to the gurls school...

and im really hoping they dont make me take out my dreads, iv had em for almost 6 months and their coomin in real nicely. i will bedeviated if they made me cut my hair.

amanda lee wells
01/26/12 11:02:32PM @amanda-lee-wells:

haha yesss!!! great point. thanks so so much :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
01/26/12 10:30:56PM @soaring-eagle:

dont let them tekll you what you can and cant do

tell them they are welcome to talke you to court over your right to dread however remind rthem that the courts will always side with you you have the contitutional rights to freedom of religion and expression and they cant deny you that right

dont say it confrontationaly just as a freindly reminder

like if they dare say anything about your hair respond

well im confused i mean the constitution gy=uarantees the right of free speach frredom of reluigion and expression and every court case involving dreadlocks has stated that even prisoners are guaranteed the right to dread so how can you ask me to sacrifice my personal beliefs based on a policty that is unconstitutional?

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