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amanda lee wells


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fate made me not use wax :)

By: amanda lee wells
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so i was reading about how the guy lying about his wax and all that crap. but heres a interesting story for all of you.... i bought some dreadhead wax from knottyboy or sumthin like that

i ordered this a lonnnggggg time ago, like a year before i actually got my dreads. i was going to use it as soon as i got my dreads. i went and hung out with some of my good dude friends, and we went out muddin and i lost my dread wax there. im so glad that i lost it. because i found this website a week after i got my lovelys. my dreads have never been touched by wax. and shit im thankfull to the universe for letting me loose that wax.

oh yea i washed my dreads in a mineral hot spring the other day. and they look way better now! and they dont even smell or anythin. all them minerals were awesome

well jus thought id share that story. have a glourious day people!

amanda lee wells
10/05/11 12:27:53AM @amanda-lee-wells:

yea the worlds largest mineral hot springs is about 100 miles away from were im from!

and haha muddin is taking trucks out to mud and tearin it up. i guess its a wyoming thing lol

and i got my dreads that day so i had it with some of my shit lol but yes very thankfull of the loss!!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/03/11 03:13:32PM @soaring-eagle:

ah i thought u wre going to say the wax hardened and turned rancid b4 u got a chance to use it

good thing u lost it but ui gotta wonder

u had the wax over a year i guess

u didnt have dreads yet when u went "muddin" whatver that is

why did you have the wax with you when u went?

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