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Alyssa Metzger


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Varying levels of progress

user image 2012-12-29
By: Alyssa Metzger
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How can the back of my head have dreads that have shrunk to 1/2 their original length and other parts if my hair that are doing nothing? It's Wierd that from the front my hair looks like regular straight hair. But the back is going nuts, which us awesome! I have loops and rock hard dreads back there. I know there isn't a rhyme or reason, it just seems like it would be a bit more uniform.
melanie rose
01/06/13 04:34:35PM @melanie-rose:
Im in the same boat.. The locs in the back are shrinking way faster than the rest of them. Embrace it! Dreads look even more spectacular when they aren't uniformed :)

Castaway J
01/02/13 08:11:54PM @castaway-j:
this is the beauty of locks. youll have locks in 5 different stages at one time. the sides are usually the last to lock, but it depends on how you sleep mainly.

Alyssa Metzger
01/01/13 09:23:18PM @alyssa-metzger:
I'm going to try to wear headbands less. It may help. I just wish you could tell by the front of the head all the glorious things that are going on underneath :) I know it's all about patience. Thanks everyone.

01/01/13 11:25:09AM @jazzymomma:

yes pretty much wat i would say as well ....dont worry so much they will do it all for u just sit back relax an enjoy the journey we r here if questions arise:)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
12/29/12 11:19:34PM @soaring-eagle:

exactly but also u push your hair back alot wich slows the front and transfers ou]ils from your handsti hair
but mostly its the sleeping it will catch up

12/29/12 11:07:15PM @ixchel:

if you sleep on your back that area will get messy & knotted quicker, some people will see that one side of their head goes faster than the other & it tends to be the side they sleep on. it'll all catch up eventually ;)

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