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user image 2013-05-07
By: Alyssa Danielle
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My loops are getting absurd The entirety of almost every dread its a ball of loops. I know I just need to wait for them to grow out but I'm getting more and more impatient. Every day my mom says she wants to comb them out and redo them so they are straight again. I'm always like noooooooooooo cuz then I'll have to do this all over again.

The only thing that really makes me nervous is that some of the ends have been eaten into the loops, I'm not really sure what that will do later but I guess we will find out.

Most of the time i put the dreads and my regular hair up into a fancy bun when I'm going out. I have a hard time leaving them down under my straight hair because they are just a fluff ball around my neck which looks real awkard. Also I'm in a sorority and idk what it is that sorority girls love touching each-others hair... that gets weird quick when they feel my dreads and beads under there.

the Barrellady
05/08/13 01:00:38AM @the-barrellady:

Just think, in two years you will hvae beautiful locks, in three years everyone in the fashion industry will love the look and your dreads Fashion is an inspiration of art, style, differences. You will fit in beautifully! Just use a hair wrap while going for a job and if you get it, use one at work if you feel you need to, purchase or make them on your own using different colors and designs to show off your own fashion. Just take if off as soon as you leave work to let your maturing dreads be free. There are many videos on YouTube to teach you how to be creative with wraps. I have never checked on this site yet if any member has posted any. That is now on my to do list! Good luck with the job hunt, ...peace

Alyssa Danielle
05/08/13 12:31:48AM @alyssa-danielle:

I know it's not really because I'm ashamed it's just I work in the fashion industry and i really need a job. I'm also not really ready to answer the questions I guess

the Barrellady
05/07/13 11:13:58PM @the-barrellady:

Some of my ends have also been eaten into loops, that just means that those ends of yours will be blunted instead of wispy. If it happens on its own, then let them be, they will just take longer to dry once mature. Glad you know that if mom got her way and straightened your locks, you would have to start over again. The journey is a wild ride, but well worth it for healthy dreads. Before you know it you will have mature dreads....Peace

05/07/13 11:10:32PM @jazzymomma:

hahah yea i bet lil weird haha but yea they r doing great

no worry of the outcome is always way awesome soo worth it hun embrace the messy beautiful knots lol :D an plz dont fell gotta hide its beautiful hun :D smiles an rainbows

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