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here's a bar soap that cured my dandruff when i thought that nothing could

user image 2012-06-06
By: Allan Welch
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hey guys!! :) if any of you can remember some of my posts you will know that i have had a very very hard time dealing with dandruff throughout my neglect dreadlock journey. i tried every shampoo/washing method out there to try and get rid of my dandruff but nothing worked. this had been going on for over a year. AND FINALLY the master soaring eagle got me onto this site :):) and well i was determined to find a cure to my dandruff. i decided to order and try this one it's the tea tree and rosemary dreadlock bar soap. well it arrived today and about an hour ago i scrubbed my scalp with it. AND i got out of the shower and dried my hair and.........for the first time in over a year ABSOLUTELY NO DANDRUFF!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooooo happy :):):)

And so if your reading this blog post and you think you've tried every shampoo/washing method to get rid of dandruff and nothing has worked, PLEASE go onto and order :):):) i can almost guarantee that it will cure all your scalp/dandruff problems because i have a very very sensitive scalp and i myself thought that i wouldn't find anything that would cure it.

Thanks tons guys! you're all the best :)

Allan Welch
06/06/12 01:57:18AM @allan-welch:

wow soaring eagle you have went through it alot worse than i have!! my hat goes off to you so much m8! thankyou so much for making this site and for helping me and many many others ! :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/06/12 01:25:07AM @soaring-eagle:

i'll tell you about my long long long journey to discovering this awesome shampoo.. i started dreading 22 years ago

i didnt have too severe dandruff till i ended up accidently spending a year on the road so i was hitchhiking around the west coast ..not washing as well or often as i should and it got bad but then i was hospitalized after getting very sick and the antibiotics they pumped in tooo fast caused redman intense itch the drs decided i had lice ..from across the room and wre refusing to treat me if i didnt shave my dreads finaly they forced me to usethe quel crap ..every single day for 10 days (u arent suposed to ever use ot more then every 10 or 15 days) the final day they left it on for hours (its never supposed to be on longer then 15 minutes) scalp was a bloody mess coming off in chunks..finaly after 2 weeks of torture a brave nursse came in the door far eniugh to look at my scalp and said she saw white chunks nut none were egg shaped so the torture ended but my scalp was a disaster for the next 12 years i tried everything even experimental medications nothing helped much

finaly i found the baking soda acv teatree rosemary combo and my dandruff finaly was under control..well about 805 anyway..much much better ..bearable but then i found these shampoos and my scalps been 100% perfect ..for the 1srt time in over a decade and i cant tell u how much i appreciate such a wonerful and natural product

06/06/12 01:11:35AM @valrie:

I'm glad you found something that works for you!

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