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boiling water to remove buildup

user image 2012-02-29
By: Allan Welch
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hey guys! i have never used wax but i have found alot of visible shampoo residue and deadskin/dandruff trapped inside quiet a few of my dreads and it's really getting me down. I just want to have clean dreads. i am thinking of boiling these dreads to try and get the buildup and stuff out. do you guys think that will get all of it out? would you guys recommend doing it? i have tried the vinegar rinse but that did absolutely nothing. maybe i did it wrong i don't know. i soaked my dreads in vinegar and left it for 10 minutes then rinsed out reallllllly well but the build up and everything was still in them. any ideas guys?

Tied up in knots
03/01/12 07:56:46PM @tied-up-in-knots:
Try posting a discussion in the forum. More people will see it then.

Allan Welch
02/29/12 06:16:15AM @allan-welch:

i did exactliy what s.e says to do on that thread about an hour ago and have just been drying my hair hair does feel amazing and does look alot cleaner!! but there is still the buildup in the core of about 5 of my dreads. do u guys have any suggestions/methods to try now? i'm not going to give up. i am determined to get it out! and i promise i have never used wax.

Tied up in knots
02/29/12 03:07:30AM @tied-up-in-knots:

I do believe you did the vinegar rinse wrong.

Check out this thread S.E. did.

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