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SEBORRHEIC DERMATITIS! :( :( need urgent help, please read this, ANY feedback is appreciated!

user image 2012-10-01
By: Allan Welch
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hey guys! this is urgent! i've been using the teatree and romseary bar soap and it's works great for my dreadlocks. but my seborrheic dermatitis is getting out of control. red inflammed flaky skin over my hairline, forehead, nose, eyebrows, inside ears, infront and behind ears, upper neck and most of all over most of my scalp. i really need to find something that works asap. so far here is the things i have tried that haven't worked: tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, oregano oil, baking soda and acv. those are the main ones i've tried others but can't remember them. now when i was first getting it i did actually trying using selsun gold just on my scalp and it worked great! and i am thinking of just trying it again by putting the shampoo into a sauce bottle and squirting it just onto my scalp/face/affected areas and then leaving it in for 5 mins or so then rinsing it off REALLY WELL and then using the teatree and romseary bar and the baking soda with oils in a pitcher and putting only my dreads in it and i'll make sure that none of it touches my scalp/face/affected areas and then i'll leave it for 10 mins then i'll rinse out reallllly good. would the baking soda and the teatree and rosemary wash and rinse after the selsun gold wash get away of any residue from the selsun gold?? I this is a good idea for me to try? I have been putting up with this for a good year now....every morning having to pick big flakes of dandruff out of my dreads and loose and hair at the start of the dread. I'm not going to cut off my dreads for now but I am soooo desperate!! Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated :):):)

Allan Welch
10/02/12 02:47:32AM @allan-welch:

well i thought i diluted the oils and the bs acv pretty heavily with water when i was doing them. yeh ok soaring eagle i'll try the teatree, rosemary, lemongrass and neem seed oil. how would i go about adding the lemongrass and neem seed oil to the teatree and rosemary bar soap? would i just put a drop or 2 or each ontop the bar and then use as i normally do???

Sister Rags
10/01/12 09:49:51PM @sister-rags:

Another thought - Allan, are you diluting the oils? If I don't dilute essential oils or baking soda or acv with plenty of water they all burn and irritate my skin badly. I've noticed that most people tend to use too much and not dilute enough.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/12 09:38:13PM @soaring-eagle:

before u give up on natrural solutions id cut out all hot wate r use and try teatree rosemary and lemongerass possibly even neem seed ouil neem stinks a lil but kills off all sorts of fungi and parasytes so creates a state of superhealth to the area

lemongrass i think may do the trick tho added ti tge others

i had the same issues pretty bad the bs acv teareee riosemary helped but didnt solve it i added thelemongrass and it git akot beter but now that i use the bars from dreadlockshampoo i have no scalp issi[ues at all (well this week i had dry skin by my nose but probly more weather change related then anything)

Allan Welch
10/01/12 09:23:48PM @allan-welch:

thanks for the replies guys :) the psoriasin gel sounds interesting...i may have to invest in some :) now just a quick update (it's only been overnight i know but yesterday i used just on my nose and eyebrows and forehead my fungal cream (it isn't a steroid cream) and also selsun gold. and i'm serious those areas haven't looked this good after waking up in a long time. so i think i am going to try using the it on my scalp along with the bs/teatree rosemary dread wash to get the residue out of my dreads after. i've had my dreads for a year and a half now. some are very tight, some are just starting. i just want to know if the bs/teatree rosemary dread wash will get all of the selsun gold residue out of my dreads?? cheers for the feedback guys :)

Sister Rags
10/01/12 03:57:14PM @sister-rags:

Okay, glad you did go to an MD and get a clear diagnosis. Allan, I think you're using oils and products (baking soda) that are worsening the irritation, rather than improving it. The oils, etc. are great - but for people who are not sensitive to them, which it sounds like you are. I strongly suggest you stop using anything except what Tia has recommended for a while and see how you're skin is doing. Best of luck :)

10/01/12 12:57:16PM @tia:

I have dermatitis, not exactly the same or as severe as yours, but similar and only on part of my scalp. I can't use things like the BS wash because it causes my dermatitis to act up. All I can do is use the best non-residue shampoo and treat accordingly. Use the Selsun Gold, rinse it out really well, and see if it helps. You are going to want to try it with and without the dread shampoo you have because that could be affecting it as well. When it's really bad I use Psoriasin Gel and leave it on. I have not had any issues with residue and/or build-up thus far in the year that I've had my dreads. But because of my own scalp problems, I make sure my head is well rinsed of anything that could cause problems and I still wash my hair every 2-3 days. I can't get farther than that without my scalp screaming.

Sorry for the ramble, just throwing my thoughts out there on this one... Hope something I said might of helped ;)

Allan Welch
10/01/12 12:35:07PM @allan-welch:

thanks for the reply sister rags! :) yeh well i have went to my gp and he diagnosed me with facial seborrheic dermatitis. it affects the oily areas of the face. and has over the last 2 months moved into my scalp also. it's red and flaky and itchy. sometimes it has a 'burning' sensation. wat do you guys think of my idea of the selsun gold only scalp/face shampoo and thorough rinse then a dread wash of baking soda and teatree rosemary shampoo? would the teatree rosemary and baking soda wash get out all of the residue left in my dreads from the selsun gold?

Sister Rags
10/01/12 12:00:31PM @sister-rags:

Hi Allan, how do you know that it's seborrheic dermatitis? I'm wondering if maybe you have a skin fungus going on? Just a thought. I'm also thinking that since you've tried so many natural remedies and they haven't helped, it might be time to get some medical advice and treatment. I don;t see any reason why you'd have to cut your hair - you just need to get rid of the problem you;re having. It sounds miserable.

Allan Welch
10/01/12 01:44:50AM @allan-welch:

when i first used the teatree and rosemary bar it worked good on my scalp but i think that was when the seb derm hadn't moved from my facial areas to the scalp yet, because now when i use the teatree and rosemary bar the dandruff and deadskin appears on my scalp and facial areas straight after washing and i have to moisture and gently exfoliate the dead skin from my facial areas/hairline every day just to be able to feel like i can go outside and live. i reallly need your help on this one guys

Allan Welch
10/01/12 01:38:57AM @allan-welch:

sometimes i seriously feel like crying because of it :(:( i love my natural dreads soooo much and have put so much effort into them because i don't want to cut them. i want to have my dreads for the rest of my life. and i'm not going to be able to without your help guys!

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