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methods of applying aloe vera gel and olive oil to scalp and skin??

user image 2012-08-17
By: Allan Welch
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just wondering how to apply aloe vera gel and olive oil to my skin and scalp? and how much would i apply and how often?

this is to help with skin flaking. any feedback would be appreciated sooooo much! cheers

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/12 03:14:35AM @soaring-eagle:

d;'oh didsregard that i didnt read your name thats how tired i


olive oil can make u so slippertpy your having trouble standing in the shower withoit falling over

the feet on the floor so slippery its like ice u rwach out to grab somethubg and yor hand slips right off it..exageration? not really..but u woulf= have to over ue it to ge that way but ..its easy as hell to use too much

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/12 03:07:43AM @soaring-eagle:

are u african american (srry so hard to remember especialy with no profile picture) only ask cause african americans tend o ue olive oil more often understandable but it still might not be the most suitable solution

olive oil s lil heavy to use and harder to wash off after u used to much

u can feel oily all over fir weeks through several showers and water will bead up on your skin lik a waxed car!


ok to answer the question but add lil more recomendation

aloe 1st off u want pure aloe with nothing else at all in it aloe with presservatives or fir sunburn may (and most likely will) make the skin more dry! (hair too)

so buy a plany or gel/juice made to be eatten/drank..po]ure aloe

to apply

from plant: harvest a leaf, split it in 1/2 cutting it along the sliny edges into 2 long flat peices

now u can : wipe that slimy opeb side directly on hair/skin


scrape out the gel and:

smear it on..or

add to water and:

pour on..


spray on

see theres alot of ors and ands because theres many ways to do it


instead of olive oil

jojoba is closest to skins natural oils

applying jojoba

add a lil less then a dropper full to a gallon of wate5r pour over head/./rince

thats for hair like mine u may want to use onky a few drops to a quort..lil goes a lng way

option 2 spray on ..or

apply direct put a li on a fingertip or whatever and wipe on dry areas

if u cant tekll km rally 1/2 asleep so goodnight hope that answered it


u sont need alot of either..les is best but if it s not enough try a lil more

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