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dreadlocks shampoo
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organic excellence shampoo and conditioner??

user image 2012-08-13
By: Allan Welch
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hey all!! i still have been seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff nightmares! i'm am trying the baking soda rinse once again for 3 weeks this time to see if my scalp will adjust if i give it a bit more time. but if after 3 weeks my scalp is still a nightmare i'm going to give this shampoo and possibly the conditioner a go!! :) feedback on what you guys reckon about this shampoo and condtioner would be very handy! :)

08/16/12 12:43:01AM @heather:

i was going to say that that shampoo is probably too oil heavy. yay for bs/acv! i love it too. i still try shampoo every once in a while but then quickly return to bs/acv because its been so amazing for my scalp and hair. even if i didn't have dreads i would probably use it.

Baba Fats
08/13/12 09:20:49PM @baba-fats:

It really is. I spent over 5 years using Dr. Bronners. I loved it, but never knew about the BS wash until a few months ago. I tried the soaps, but went right back to BS. I've never felt so clean

Allan Welch
08/13/12 09:17:49PM @allan-welch:

it's all good guys!! i just did the baking soda and acv rinse again and finally did it correctly and my god it feels amazing!!!!!! :) BEST RINSE IN THE WORLD!!! :)

Baba Fats
08/13/12 07:33:40AM @baba-fats:

Well... It doesn't look too too bad. But Coconut oil is conditioning. It'll slow the progress down. And glycerin will definitely make them slick and builds up residue.

I'd ask Heather about it. She's the real expert. But as for the BS wash... What oils were you adding to it? Any?

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