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dreadlocks shampoo
Allan Welch


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hey guys! this is urgent! i've been using the teatree and romseary bar soap and it's works great for my dreadlocks. but my seborrheic dermatitis is getting out of control. red inflammed flaky skin over my hairline, forehead, nose, eyebrows, inside ears, infront and behind ears, upper neck and most of all over most of my scalp. i really need to find something that works asap. so far here is the things i have tried that haven't worked: tea tree oil, lavender oil, rosemary oil, jojoba oil, oregano oil, baking soda and acv. those are the main ones i've tried others but can't remember them. now when i was first getting it i did actually trying using selsun gold just on my scalp and it worked great! and i am thinking of just trying it again by putting the shampoo into a sauce bottle and squirting it just onto my scalp/face/affected areas and then leaving it in for 5 mins or so then rinsing it off REALLY WELL and then using the teatree and romseary bar and the baking soda with oils in a pitcher and putting only my dreads in it and i'll make sure that none of it touches my scalp/face/affected areas and then i'll leave it for 10 mins then i'll rinse out reallllly good. would the baking soda and the teatree and rosemary wash and rinse after the selsun gold wash get away of any residue from the selsun gold?? I this is a good idea for me to try? I have been putting up with this for a good year now....every morning having to pick big flakes of dandruff out of my dreads and loose and hair at the start of the dread. I'm not going to cut off my dreads for now but I am soooo desperate!! Any feedback is GREATLY appreciated :):):)

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well when i was using the teatree and rosemary bar soaps before i used to try and get a good lather of it all around my scalp, but i obviously wasn't getting it all over cos i was doing it in the shower, not in front of the mirror, so i couldn't see what i was doing. I was still noticing flakes and dandruff so i decided to try the baking soda/acv rinse again. (i thought i'd give it a couple of weeks to see if my scalp would adjust to it). Well anyway today after i had been doing it for 1 week i was still noticing that my skin/scalp was flaking like crazy and i had just had enough (anyway it turns out i am allergic to the bs/acv, and that was y i was flaking so much from it)so wat i did was i got the teatree and rosemary bar soap and i stood infront of the mirror for about 20 mins and lathered up each individual section of my scalp (and face, cos i get skin flaking all over my face) and i left it for 5 mins then rinsed reallllllly thoroughly. And i got out of the shower and looked at my face and my scalp....AND FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 1 YEAR NO DANDRUFF WAT SO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when i actually run my fingers along my scalp it feels realllly healthy again and normal!! no more flakiness and no more dandruff and no more scalp problems!!!!!!!!


AND IF IT WASN'T FOR SOARING EAGLE I WOULD OF CUT MY DREADS ALREADY. Soaring eagle you have saved my life seriously! my natural dreads mean the world to me and so do you m8! YOU LEGEND!!! :):)

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just wondering how to apply aloe vera gel and olive oil to my skin and scalp? and how much would i apply and how often?

this is to help with skin flaking. any feedback would be appreciated sooooo much! cheers

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hey all!! i still have been seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff nightmares! i'm am trying the baking soda rinse once again for 3 weeks this time to see if my scalp will adjust if i give it a bit more time. but if after 3 weeks my scalp is still a nightmare i'm going to give this shampoo and possibly the conditioner a go!! :) feedback on what you guys reckon about this shampoo and condtioner would be very handy! :)

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hey guys!! :) if any of you can remember some of my posts you will know that i have had a very very hard time dealing with dandruff throughout my neglect dreadlock journey. i tried every shampoo/washing method out there to try and get rid of my dandruff but nothing worked. this had been going on for over a year. AND FINALLY the master soaring eagle got me onto this site :):) and well i was determined to find a cure to my dandruff. i decided to order and try this one it's the tea tree and rosemary dreadlock bar soap. well it arrived today and about an hour ago i scrubbed my scalp with it. AND i got out of the shower and dried my hair and.........for the first time in over a year ABSOLUTELY NO DANDRUFF!!!!!!!!!!! i am soooooooo happy :):):)

And so if your reading this blog post and you think you've tried every shampoo/washing method to get rid of dandruff and nothing has worked, PLEASE go onto and order :):):) i can almost guarantee that it will cure all your scalp/dandruff problems because i have a very very sensitive scalp and i myself thought that i wouldn't find anything that would cure it.

Thanks tons guys! you're all the best :)

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boiling water to remove buildup

By Allan Welch, 2012-02-29

hey guys! i have never used wax but i have found alot of visible shampoo residue and deadskin/dandruff trapped inside quiet a few of my dreads and it's really getting me down. I just want to have clean dreads. i am thinking of boiling these dreads to try and get the buildup and stuff out. do you guys think that will get all of it out? would you guys recommend doing it? i have tried the vinegar rinse but that did absolutely nothing. maybe i did it wrong i don't know. i soaked my dreads in vinegar and left it for 10 minutes then rinsed out reallllllly well but the build up and everything was still in them. any ideas guys?

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Hey guys! firstly i am so happy i came across this site! looks like gr8 information and more importantly the truth.

Ok well I have been doing the neglect method journey for a year now. For the first 6 months i didn't wash (because tons of people i know people never washed and have awesome and very clean looking locks), but i started to get really bad dandruff problems. After the 6 months i tried out the dreadhq shampoo, hoping that would get my locks nice and clean but that just made me get more dandruff! I'm never using dreadhq stuff ever again. After that I tried the baking soda rinse of 1 part baking soda to 9 parts water or something like that, but that didn't really help. Maybe i was doing it wrong or something i'm not sure. I am willing to try the baking soda rinse and vinegar again, because i do think i may of been doing it wrong. Now I am using dr bronners magic soap twice a week and using honey spray occasionally. My dandruff has gotten better than what it was i think but it's still there and i'm also getting skin flaking from my face/forehand and ears and i think that flakes off into some of my dreads also. So yeh when i take a good look and my dreads most of them have dandruff/dead skin in them and just white build up. A couple even have wat looks like green build up.

I am wondering wat you guys recommend i do to get rid of the scalp dandruff, the face dead skin flaking, and the dandruff/dead skin/white and green build up inside my locks?

Hope you guys can help me out!


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