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dreadlocks shampoo
Alexandru Andrei Roman


Location: Bucharest
Country: RO


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Natural dreadlocks
Natural dreadlocks
Natural dreadlocks
Natural dreadlocks
Natural dreadlocks
Dreadlocks man is king


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/14/11 10:46:16AM @soaring-eagle:
u should post your whole dread history in the forums theres a thread somewher i think in featured discussios something like shre your dreading mistakes so i]=others can avoid them or something ..or just create a discussion aboit all u went through and what u learned

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/14/11 10:43:51AM @soaring-eagle:

thnx man appreciate it

those are some wild dreads u got

Maria B
07/10/11 09:39:52AM @maria-b:
Welcome, Alexandru. I am so sorry to hear about your delema. I had dreads only once before. That time I was mislead by the readhead website, and thought caucasian people had to use was and locpeppa to get dreads, I only wish I had found this site before I found that site. So...I too cut them off because they looked like Sh#&^.I started again 2 months ago. Again, I watched youtube videos that said ...crochet is the way to go! Bad, bad mistake. I look at the pictures on this site of the people who started the "neglect" way and I so wish I had done that. So now....2 months later, I love my dreads, but I do wishI hadn't crochet'd them to start. I have thrown away the hooks and am doind nothing to them now. I am just letting nature take control. I haven't used the hook for about 3 weeks now, since I joined this site and heard the truth from SE. My advice to you....let it happen. Cause once you dread, you will never be happy with neat hair again. It gets in your soul and it is who you are. Regular people just don't understand why we would want this hairstyle anyway. But you feel it....just go all natural again, and don't let anyone touch them. Carry one strong brother, don't be dismayed. Peace.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/10/11 08:36:41AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome sorry to hear u had so many problems with crochet and having to cut them

i dont know why yoiud ever let anyone crochet youir natural ones!

04/14/11 06:52:23AM @mzjae:
thanks too you are welcomed

03/30/11 06:50:45AM @mzjae:
thanks for being my friend please link to ::

Adrian Keenan
07/18/10 08:54:59PM @fanci-taylor:
Hey thanks for being my friend ;)

kaleb Perez
07/18/10 01:57:55PM @star:

Troy FootsoulJah Leavy
03/06/10 12:30:15PM @bastien-daoust-beaudin:
Greetings My Brother, we're glad your journey has brought you here, namaste'

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/06/10 11:09:22AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome brotherphilipines its common to start dreads with crochet, this is a very bad way to start, but they spread a lie that asian hair wont dread any other waythat is totaly falswe asian hair dreads very easy usualy..especialy long

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