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By alexandra flowerdew, 2011-10-28
well, this is my first blog....ever. So here goes. I would like to start off by saying thank you to my maker for never judging me, and always being there when I feel It can't get any worse, he shows me how silly it is to feel that way. In all, life is beautiful,magical, and trivial. I'm so thankful for all the people I have got to know and the people I haven't had the chance to meet..yet...and for the trials I have survived, and am looking foreword to the changes and blessings I will encounter.Now on to my natty locks...I have to admit, every day is a new experience, and though they are quite young still, my excitement and patience and fond-ness of them grow stronger by the day.I never quite know what to expect when I wake up haha and it keeps me on my toes, that's for sure.I'm also looking foreword to decorating them and making them 'idividualized'I have heard people say they get weird looks from the un-knowing population, but I can honestly say, I have yet to see 'the look' (and quite honestly, I'm in noo rush)My locks are at the funk-I-Fied stage, which is annoying sometimes, I just want them to look good now! Lol but I know they take patience, so that's a good learning experience as well.So now I'm babbling, and I apologize for the people who got stuck reading this silly blog. But thank you for taking the time to listen.Peace and love,Flower
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By alexandra flowerdew, 2011-11-03
So...My locks have a bit of a dryness and crunchy feeling to them.I currently Use baking soda and acv followed by sea salt water spray.I was thinking of maybe trying some coconut oil as moisturizer.If there r any objections, plz let me know.Or if there r any other ideas, they are more than welcome here
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