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Photo uploaded on October 19, 2011
Photo uploaded on October 19, 2011
Photo uploaded on October 19, 2011


Scott Reese
11/16/11 02:48:22AM @scott-reese:

Hey ill be passing by you on the way to the bay area when this semester ends. Would you like to meet up for a bit?

Scott Reese
11/13/11 08:49:13PM @scott-reese:

I like your October Blog! The Way you just went off, tis my style! I knew you went to message therapy school! I was under the impression the school was in logan. How did it go?

That is a remarkable way to meet someone! I Wish you well in yourjourneyof love!

Next spring and summer I would Like to go to a bunch of gatherings, fairs and all those beautifulcongregations. For now I am in CDA living in my home. Working on finishing up the place so I can Turn it into a LLC and leave it behind. I am also finishing my AA Degree at NIC. I only have one more semester this spring. Then I get to graduate!

Its more exciting to think I will be able to take some timeexploring. Hehe, I wrote a song about it! One of the line; "Journy inward to find your soul. Meet those people that never grow old!". I figure ill be playing it on street corners of many cities I pass through.

Shakti, my puppy, thanks you for thecomplimentwith kisses! Of course I got to receive them:).

Oh I have beenrepellingat qwemlin... And a little rock climbing. I did'nt know that place was that big till last spring!

For now Enjoy!


Scott Reese
10/21/11 12:25:45PM @scott-reese:

Why Cali for you?!

Scott Reese
10/21/11 12:18:30PM @scott-reese:

Yes Traveling is so Amazing. The Freedom! I was all around southern cali for almost 2 months, a little in the bay area and up the 101 for some time. Right before this I was in Portland for a week, livin on the streets! Walked all of the north west part. I love that place too! Lately I have become a Rock Hound with my sister! We have just started to find Crystals in the hills around Priest Lake! Beautiful crystals! You Wondered about me!? Thats great girl. I have been in hiding from all those old friends. I was a addicit.. Thats one of the reasons I went to Moab, Other then you. The night before I left I was freaking out off of molly. packed in 2 hours and hit the road. It helped but I wish i would have stayed longer. It would have been nice to have the time to become better friends with you. I was wondering if you still had that guitar! i remember falling asleep to you playing it! You were good at it! I have two guitars now and improv many amazing songs. I suprised my roommate just last night with me skills! You have a PUPPY! Its a little cute baby! Its been nice being lonely... kinda... Glad you are still around to talk to. I have many stories I ramble to myself givin the lack of people to share them with. Love Living :)

Scott Reese
10/19/11 04:19:19PM @scott-reese:

That Is a amazing place! I have been doing a little traveling. After getting back from Cali In Feb... I went on this volunteering phase.. got in trouble for frequenting, dropped of my happens at the toilet. Picked up some Drifters, as i call them, for a camping trip. Ended up in Missoula after a few days! That is when I almost kept going. since then a worked a few jobs all at once. Oh I got this wonderful puppy, Shakti. She is a LAB PIT, baby to my sisters dog! She can already open doors! Oh and your new pictures are very pretty! You look full of life! Must more then before but you have always had that spark in life. Way to live girly. Like I was trying to say earlier, I really Enjoy Being Incommunicationwith you. Things will always get better and better for you, I knows it! Keep Lovin.

Scott Reese
10/18/11 01:43:52PM @scott-reese:
Red Ribbon

Scott Reese
10/18/11 01:35:33PM @scott-reese:

Oh Really...!? Ahhah, I am Silly then. Do you have a place you are staying? Or on the move? What are you up to? I miss those random calls...

Moon gloW
09/14/11 12:50:00AM @moon-glow:

Idaho? How is that?

Sebastian Martinez
09/07/11 09:54:21PM @sebastian-martinez:

thank you :) yours are comingalong nice, hope its a great journey

Moon gloW
09/07/11 06:04:57PM @moon-glow:

Where in the US are you?

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