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Alessa's GiGi


Location: Suffolk, VA
Zipcode: 23434
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/19/10 03:17:08PM @soaring-eagle:
awesome how longs itthe cut wont matter just lil length would help alot

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/18/10 10:44:41AM @soaring-eagle:
how are u planning on starting

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/17/10 09:57:13AM @soaring-eagle:
welcome sister u came to the right place to learn about dreading in fact..i wouldnt trust anything on any other siteglad u joined usnamaste

colbi godlove
08/17/10 04:01:30AM @colbi-godlove:
Welcome! You'll find all the information you need here, but a quick welcoming first. No hairs to short to start dreading, if you go natural.Peace and blessings.

Laura :)
02/10/12 11:53:47AM @laura:

i only have 2 loops on my dreads....the 2 dreads you use to tie them..the rest are yeah i started with backcombing and once every 3 to 4 months ill get someone to crochet them...not really into crocheting but only if theres a special occasion ill have to make them look neat. my hair was waist long and straight but when i dreaded my hair it came up to my ribs and notice on 8 months to 1 old my dread shrunk alot i mean there shoulder a 1 year 3 months in... so how many years does it take to get my dreadlocks to at least to my bottom ribs.

Vudu Doll
01/27/12 10:32:00PM @vudu-doll:

Thanks yours look wonderful as well! I have like 9 or 10 they are pretty big haha

Ellese Casteel
01/22/12 06:12:17PM @ellese-casteel:

haha i think we all make our own luck! but i'm glad i ended your suffering now you know! lol you dreadlocks are coming on lovely! i really love the colour.

Ellese Casteel
01/22/12 10:41:30AM @ellese-casteel:

well as a short story its my dj name but i got it as a nickname because i'm a lucky guy and always seem to land on my feet some how! lol people used to call me crafty bollox like i knew what was going to happen before it happened but it soon turned in to craftydangles because of slag terms like the dogs dangles witch comes from the saying the dogs bollox! lol i"m rambling so skip to the end i'm just lucky!

Sunny Horsnell
01/20/12 08:31:06AM @sunny-horsnell:

Your newwho I amwasgreat,thatyou're a teacher?! very cool

Vudu Doll
01/16/12 10:21:51PM @vudu-doll:

Thanks for the kinds words! Your dreads are beautiful! Peace and blessings.

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