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dreadlocks shampoo

Experts on natural method, step by step here!

Little Wing
03/29/14 04:48:30PM


I got done in 2012 dreadlocks by crochet and backcombed method. In the beginning they looked good, but as any artificial method, as I started to let them be, they started to unravel and look weird. My hair shrank a lot and they started to get so compact that I barely could bend them. So, because I had that uncertainty if they will recover, I decided to comb them out and cut my hair super short.

Now is 2014, and my hair is a little bit longer than the shoulders. I decided this time to follow the neglect method. My natural hair is kinda thick, but I don't have lot of it, and it's super straight kinda "asian like".

I would like to know well, how to start? step by step. And also if my hair size will shrink a lot with the method.

Also I've seen online a video from a guy who started natural method, but his dreadlocks look flat... Is that good?, because I haven't seen any picture on this site which shows flat dreadlocks and how can it be "prevented" since being reasonable, in some jobs wouldn't be allowed to have too messy hair, but also I would like them to happen the most natural way possible.

If I understood well, I just have to stop combing. Then wash my hair just between 2 and 3 times per week with a shampoo which doesn't leave residue or use the BS and ACV rinsing. Separate it... I don't understand well that... Should I just rip apart the locks?, since when? How many times per week, month...?

If it shrinks, do I have to let my hair grow longer?

Well, anything you can add and explain step by step would be truly appreciated and also might be helpful for future beginners as a guide in here, I guess...

A friend told me my hair would be hard to dread, since is way too straight, but I really don't wanna use any method. Also would like to know your experiences on how to style it for jobs and all that stuff.

Peace to all and thanks for the attention!


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