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Places to camp....

Akal Sahai
06/15/10 11:58:33AM
So... thinking of outside the Ashland, OR area for camping. We're planning a road trip/car camping trip down to the Nevada City CA area to visit my sister. We used to always do that long drive in one day every time we went to California, but this time we're breaking up the trip into about 4-5 hr stretches per day. This gives us more time to explore also. I love being able to just see something on the side of the road and be able to stop there and check it out. No fun if you have to keep going because of getting to your destination. That just ruins the fun of the journey.We've never stopped in Ashland for long so that's one plan on the agenda. Either Jackson Hot Springs, or Valley of the Rogue maybe. Maybe on the way home we'll go east some, and camp in Klamath Falls. I haven't been there in years, and haven't taken the kids there at all seems we're undecided on where to camp in the Nevada City area also. There's the hot springs, the state park, and some other private campgrounds. I've never been to that area at all, so it's all new to me, which makes it more fun.We've done a LOT of coastal camping, which is nearly always wet/cold, so checking out some warmer, dryer areas for the major leg of our trip is sounding pretty nice. My sister's going to introduce us to some amethyst mining while we're there, which is either going to be really fun with all the kids, or it's going to be really exhausting, lol. But I'm going to imagine it's going to be task is to choose a new tent since we've done a lot of yurts lately with the kids. A moderately priced, but good investment, 3-season 7+ person tent has been in my research lately. Definitely something that withstands all the rain Oregon constantly throws at us... I've woken up in the middle of the night wet from a storm (leaking tent) and spent the rest of the night freezing in the van with some very confused & grumpy children - don't want any repeats of that lol.
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