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My Most Precious Gift

By AJ2, 2013-01-27

A child was born into my heart
And never shall we be apart
Though life sometimes turns it
Separate ways
To nurture, to Love
And to Protect
To Cherish to honor
And to Respect
I watch her grow with loving eyes
That first step how I did despise
For soon the words were going to come
That shed be grown and all is done
No more Child, now Woman and Rose
My budding Angel as she grows
With all of lifes finality
The woman as she stands today
With no more obstacles in her way
She steps into the brillant light
And walks away into the night
To seek her destiny on distant
Shores and with her eyes
The sky explore
She says goodbye and walks away
To love, to laugh another day
I say a prayer that is my wish
As I give the world
My Most Precious Gift

(c)Adrian Little 2007

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