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Why Men and Women Cant be friends

Answering the age old question, Young Independent Filmmakers Jesse Budd and Patrick Romero set out to simply prove a point.I thought this was funny. What do you think?
12/24/11 10:52:52PM @samalamajam:

cute and funny, but impractical. this is not an example of people in utah having the same opinion; this is an example of people answering leading questions. i agree that this "survey" should not be taken literally because any survey with leading questions should be considered invalid immediately. you are no longer getting "true" answers from people but rather what the surveyor wants to hear. The other result from leading questions is that the person is backed into a corner and has only one way to answer the question; that "one way" is exactly the answer the surveyor is looking for and confirms the results they want.

12/24/11 04:32:44AM @fille:

I do realize that , but they act like this is a general fact.
I hate when people generalize or stereotype things.

12/23/11 11:01:42PM @aika:

woah there fille, relax. i'm pretty sure they don't consider this a true representation of everyone in the world or even a true experiment. it's just an example of how men and women (in utah) can see the same situation in very different ways

12/23/11 06:12:49PM @fille:

I think this is stupid... all the people are the same age (roughly) And they all go to the same school... the only thing this prove is that girls and boys in Utah can't be friends...

Do a real study , ask people of different ages , and background , and in different states and countries... this doesn't have any merit what so ever....

12/23/11 03:49:41PM @foxpaw:


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