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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Nutley, NJ
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3 months and my first time use of buck county soaps' liquid shampoo

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12/11/11 09:20:00PM @dreadfern:

Thank you, yes it helps a lot:) i've been alternating between doc brons and bs/acv, i find that my scalp is itch-free for longer after the baking soda remedy. it gives me hope for the liquid, cant wait to try it out! Your hair is doing beautifully by the way, i can't believe you're only 3mos along. peace&love lady

12/11/11 03:27:19PM @aika:

@Heather: i did exactly that the second time i used it and it worked a little bit better. ill try it with your proportions next time. thank you!

@Dreadfern: my scalp hardly itches at all with the liquid shampoo and i havent noticed any increase in dandruff. i've only used it twice now, but i feel it actually leaves my hair cleaner for a longer time than anything else ive used (bronners, bs, neutrogena, dreadheadhq, and even the bar shampoo from dreadlockshampoo). ill play closer attention to my scalp after this next use. hope that helped a little!

12/11/11 03:07:48PM @dreadfern:

How does your scalp feel after using the liquid shampoo, as far as itchiness and dandruff..? Your scalp might be better than mine but I have issues with itchy scalp and i'm hoping the dread shampoo helps.

12/11/11 12:46:02AM @heather:

just a tip, buy a squirt type bottle from the beauty supply store or even walmart in the kitchen supply section. squirt about a tbs or two of the liquid soap in the bottom of the bottle and then fill the bottle with water about 3/4 full. shake and then squirt the mixture on your scalp and scrub. i get tons of suds this way and am able to concentrate it more on my scalp where i really need the cleaning. hth:)

Castaway J
12/09/11 10:08:28PM @castaway-j:

cool video your locks are pretty cool, i like your hair lots! yeah haha parking tickets blow shitty you had to go to court for it man wtf!

12/09/11 11:35:06AM @aika:
haha. thanks

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