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dreads are coming right along!...but i need help separating

user image 2011-10-01
By: Aika
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my dreads are knotting up so quickly that i can hardly keep up with them! i have to separate them almost everyday because they seem to be magnetically attracted to each other. so does anyone have any advice about how to keep the new dreads separated? i rip them apart but it just causes a lot of pain and not much separation. i use beads and wraps but the back of my head is starting to get crowded with all of them and its not very comfortable to lie down on. thank you in advance for any help/tips!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
10/01/11 02:53:33AM @soaring-eagle:

try to be thourough seperating to the scalp u can kinda push the hair towards the dreads u wabna guide em into it will get better

if your usuing sea salt maybe stop so the dreading slows down

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