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dreadlocks shampoo
Adrian Keenan


Location: Palm Coast, FL
Zipcode: 32164
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/26/11 05:34:28PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome wax would be a huge mistake backoconb is not the best method either

oiliness might cause issues but can be alytered to not be oily

all real reviews on wax are bad

read dreaducation and dread wax tre=urth links

Rick M
01/06/11 01:56:17PM @ko-nyein:
just thought id say hi to a fellow midlander.

Patt Trippz
12/30/10 04:43:57PM @chasity-thiel:
its taken forever but i finally have a pic of my dreads up! they are now 2 months old!:)

08/19/10 07:14:42AM @juraj-petrik:
Hey man, how's things? Hope it's all well and cruisey for you. Take care:)

08/01/10 03:20:18AM @feedroh:
Maoriora Benjah how u been bro?

Danielle Cacioppo
07/19/10 09:25:39PM @jesse-rose:
Thank You! Many Blessings!

07/04/10 06:20:29AM @sarahsdreaming:
Nice locks man!!

justin martinez
07/01/10 05:55:18PM @manofbliss:
hey thanks man! its awesome to find such a great place for us dreadheads to come together!

Adrian Rodriguez
06/30/10 05:37:53PM @andreas-r:
hey dude, i accepted your add.. but you dont seem to be online :/ i dunno whats happend lol. x

Adrian Rodriguez
06/30/10 05:23:28PM @andreas-r:
:D haha, i don't mind, at least i have an attractive cool dude of a stalker :D don't you need to be attractive and or famous to be stalked? im niether haha.Yes thats it you fool!:P do you not use it?xx

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