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Location: Meridian, ID
Zipcode: 83646
Country: US

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Rebecca Woods
05/31/12 05:35:54PM @rebecca-woods:

Hello, I stumbled upon your profile today, I've been jumping around from many members' pages recently, but anyhow, I adore your dreadies! there are people that dreads really fit and others that it doesn't so much , and I believe yours are very complimentary to you, lol just had to throw that out there!:)

07/01/10 08:23:41AM @sillywalkingminister:
only thing that matters is do something that makes you stand out from the it in terms of story..ideas...anything..just dont be generic like 90% of hollywood and you will be noticed...;)

07/01/10 08:22:10AM @sillywalkingminister:
That is somewhat true that you need connections...but thanks to Web technology it isnt the ONLY way to make it in the industry... If you don't know one guy was picked up by Sam Raimi after seeing his 5mins video on youtube that he made from his home PC....2 guys who made a 3 mins Half life trailer based on the game got picked up to direct the movie....You can make movies like RObert Rodriguez's "Mariachi style" dirt cheap..and then find distributors using .I have found a distributor for my Zombie movie from that site only.I suggest you read a book "Rebel without a crew" by Robert Rodriguez...It will give you amazing insight and inspiration on how to go about it...

06/30/10 08:26:11PM @alden:
Lurch was my favorite, all of it totally up my alley too!

06/30/10 01:44:22PM @sillywalkingminister:
I did my degree from Sussex Uni,UK. But I can tell you something that will probably change your life....YOU DONT NEED TO STUDY conventional sense i mean... All the technicality can be learnt in 30mins...but creativity cant be taught...if you go to a film school..surely you will learn..but you will lose your individuality cz you will like 30 other students fo your class... if you look at all the really cool directors like tarantinos and david lynch and robert rodriguez...they never attended any school..its so friggin expensive as well...Tell me more about what exactly would you like to do in i can tell you a bit more about it...hope this helps...cheers

06/30/10 01:37:03PM @sillywalkingminister:
hey dude... what degree are you doing if I may ask?

06/29/10 02:12:44PM @alden:
OMG YOU RULE SO HARD!!!!! I just went to your myspace and your background is the running guy with the really long beard and no clothes outa one of the Shell Silversteine poetry books!!!!!!! You rule kid, you rule hard.

06/27/10 05:59:25PM @cavewoman:
Like your dreads =D they look soft.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/26/10 01:03:47PM @soaring-eagle:
well theres wax removal links at top of main page butstep 1 heat dip dread in near boiling water for a min ot 2 then squeeze out (with rubber gloves) from rootr to tip squeeezing out all the melted waxstep 2 after u remove all u can by melting scrub many times with something like dawn dish soap u want to use alotstep 3 use orange esential oil or gunk out or dissolve it to dissolve any remainderrepeat long aftter u think its all gone

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/25/10 08:18:31PM @soaring-eagle:
welcomewhat products did u use and if wax are u 100% sure u got it all out cause its very very hard to removeglad you found usnamaste

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